DIY String Art


String art might look pretty complicated, but it is surprisingly easy.

The basics of it are print out pattern to size, nail it to the board, rip out the paper, and wrap the nails with string.

Here is the tutorial for DIY String Art, which I wrote about over at The Marathon Mom.

Eggless and Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding Pie + An Annoucement

Well, hello there.

I do exist.

I bring peace offering for my long absence.


Just in time for Valentines day. Assuming you are like me and practically forgot it was coming *gasp*

But before we get to that fantastic pudding pie I have an announcement.

If you are part of my Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes facebook page than you know the excitement that is underway.

I am launching a  food blog, Worth Cooking.

Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes was never intended as 1. a food blog 2. to be more than a hobby. But, lately I have been posting more and more recipes, and they have been received well.

One of the ways I remind myself to enjoy myself in the kitchen while cooking around multiple special dietary needs, is to write about the food. After writing Much Ado About Chicken, I realized I really love doing it. And after all the positive feedback I got, I decided I should be doing it.

Thus, the idea for Worth Cooking was born. An allergen friendly food blog that focuses on natural, delicious foods.


What does this mean for Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes?

To be perfectly frank, I am not 100% sure. Keeping two active blogs just will not happen. But, the idea is it will stay here to be a blog I occasionally post on. When I really feel I need a voice on “all things mom”. It will remain what it has always been a hobby blog about motherhood. But, most of my posting will be on Worth Cooking.


Worth Cooking will be launching on March 3rd.

But in the mean time you can like Worth Cooking on Facebook or sign up for Worth Cooking’s newsletter. I even have a support group, for allergen cooking, underway. Where we can discuss all things gluten, dairy, egg, ect. free. I hope to see you there!

And now, as promised:


Eggless Chocolate Pudding Pie
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

Serves: 6-8

A custard-style chocolate pie that is free of eggs and dairy. Perfect for chocolate lovers!
  • 4½ teaspoons gelatin
  • 10 T water
  • 3 cups coconut milk (the creamier the better)
  • 1⅓ cup sucanat
  • 6 oz baking chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • Pie shell or crumb crust for a spring form pan (optional, I did a cookie crumb crust with gluten free cookies and coconut oil)

  1. Mix together the gelatin and water. Let sit at least ten minutes.
  2. Slowly heat the milk in a small saucepan over low heat. Meanwhile, chop the baking chocolate. Whisk the chocolate pieces and sucanat into the hot coconut milk until heated. Add the gelatin/water mix and whisk while cooking over low heat for a minute or two.
  3. Strain the chocolate mixture into a bowl to catch any clumps of gelatin that did not dissolve. Add the salt and vanilla.
  4. Let the chocolate mixture come cool off at room temperature for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Pour into a spring form pan over a crumb crust, into a deep dish pie shell, or even in 6 small ramekins for individual servings. Cover with cling wrap.
  6. Let set in the fridge for four hours before serving.

Healthy Gingerbread Ice Cream + Tips To Cut Back on Sugar

Last year we decided we were not going to have sugar in the house. Not necessarily that we would not eat sweets, just not ones with (granulated) sugar. We used honey and some date paste, but that was about it. To be perfectly frank most decisions I make for the new year do not last super long, but this one we kept with, with a few hiccups, for about six months. We finally decided to stop when we had to cut dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten, and soy out of our diet. It was just one “odd” thing too many. We bought a 50 lb back of sucanat (a more natural form of sugar with the molasses still in it).

This year I am trying to lose the weight I gained with and right after having Valerie. Honestly, I am really frustrated with it as months of different things has all yielded nothing. But, two thing I am clear on  I am trying to cut back from sweets in general and I am exercising with*

*I love this program and am definitely an affiliate for it! If you want to check it out and use it use my affiliate discount code SKADD when signing up to get $10 off a three month subscription.

When things gets complicated food wise (such as needing to go on ANOTHER elimination diet, even if not as strong as the first time we did it) I tend to bake a LOT more. The theory is I might as well try and enjoy it. Between that and the beginnings of a baking book, I have just been having too many sweets.

Tips For Cutting Back On Sugar

This is not my first time on cutting back on sugar in general, we have in the past cut it out fully (including honey and maple syrup). While I am not rushing to do that again, I did learn a thing or two. I wrote a post for Homemaker’s Challenge with my 7 Ways to Cut The Sugar.

Healthy Gingerbread Ice Cream

Along that same vein, I also wrote a post for a treat we have been having a LOT. Healthy “Ice Cream”, made from Bananas. You have probably heard of it, but this is a special version full of the spicy, winter-y goodness of gingerbread. Read that here.

Have you ever cut back on sugar? What are some tips you have? What are some treats you still eat?