Christopher’s Birth Story

On July 1st 2009 Mark and I decided to go on a date. My family was coming the next day and we realized it would be the last chance we had to go on a date before Baby came.

I had really been wanting to try Bella Luna Cafe. We decided to go there and then go to Freddy’s for ice cream and to play cards. After putting on some of my nicer maternity clothes, off we went.
The restaurant was lovely, perfect for a pre-kid date. I ordered Chicken Lasagna and salad. It wasn’t the type of meal that would generaly disagree with me but shortly after eating it, I felt sick. That was about 7:30. Mark asked if I wanted to go home. “No” I replied determined to have a good time.

We finished at Bella and headed towards Freddy’s. We were in the parking lot when I told Mark the ‘gas pains’ were happening eleven minutes apart. “Do you want to go home?” “No” I was GOING to have a good evening out. 

Mark ordered a Vanilla cone… I didn’t want anything. We lasted there two minutes. I was defeated. It was time to go home. I was disappointed but my baby might be coming.
We reached the apartment and went on a walk, to end the contractions if they were really Braxton Hicks. The walk idea lasted almost as long as Freddy’s had.
I got in the shower and Mark told me they were ten minutes apart. At that point I was having gas pains and contractions. Anything that was strong was regularly spaced but there were also some spuratic gas pains. We called Mom asking if there was anything we could do to relieve strong gas pains.

“Are you sure their not contractions?” Mom asked. “Is there anything she can do?” Mark re-asked, not wanting to upset her. Moms are smart though. She began packing quicker.

The contractions started coming 9 minutes apart and we called the midwife. That was about 9. She asked Mark several questions then instructed us to call when they started getting closer. Mark called our parents, my best friend Kayla, and a couple other people while I attempted to get comfy. Which was a silly attempt.

We called the Michelle again at 9:45 to tell here the contractions were eight minutes apart. She told us she would be on her way.
The contractions had stopped hurting and were short. I wondered if we had overreacted. Was I really in labor?
I sat down on the couch and got comfy. It was then 10. The contractions were 6 minutes apart but still didn’t hurt or last long. Shortly after sitting Kara, Michelle’s partner, arrived.

I told her Mark assured me if I wasn’t in labor they wouldn’t be too mad at me. She laughed a sweet laugh “You’re in labor.” “The contractions are so short.” I told her, confused. She suggested I start walking around and squat with the contractions to make them more productive. Mark assured her I had been walking and had JUST sat down. 

I walked for a while then got tired and sat down again. It was then 10:30. Michelle arrived… and suggested I walk around. Why did they both have to arrive right when I sat down? Kara and Mark assured her I had been walking. Michelle, Elizabeth (Michelle’s apprentice) and Kara got everything ready.

At 11:00 Michelle told me she wanted to check me. At that point I was 7 without contractions 8 with them. It was going to be a FAST labor. I think the contractions were 5-4 minutes apart by then.
I continued to walk some and to squat with the contractions. At this point it began to feel like I thought it might when I was in labor :D. I sang through some of the harder contractions and really wanted Mark to sing with me… but he didn’t know the song. I soon had the urge to push. Michelle told me to come to the birth stool and that she’d have me push with the next contraction.
Mark sat on a stool (not an awesome birth stool, sorry dude) beside me. Michelle was in front of me. Kara was beside Michelle ready to assist her. Elizabeth sat behind them taking detailed notes. (The notes were detailed enough to say that I had at one point ‘threw up entire dinner of Chicken Lasagna’ and ‘sang through ring of fire’.)
I started pushing having, a couple failed and some puny attempts. Mark held my hand and had a water bottle ready for me. It was so wonderful him being there for me. 
I don’t remember very much about active pushing. It started at 11:48. At one point I became dizzy and Michelle held a cupped hand close to my mouth. Mark rubbed my back at another point. At yet another Michelle told me “Debra, you have to listen to me.” Mark turned the air conditioning WAY up for me.

One thing I do remember very well was  Michelle telling me she saw my baby’s head. She tried to show me with a mirror but I couldn’t see. Mark thought it was pretty cool though.

“I saw the head when you pushed with that contraction.”
*breath* *breath* *breath* *breath*
“I saw the head, again.” She encouraged.
“Did you see MORE of the head?” I didn’t take the encouragement like I should have :D.
Michelle told us “He’s crowning” then a second later I held a little baby in my arms. “It’s a boy!” Mark said his voice cracking. It was 12:04. Mark and I were overwhelmed with joy. The baby not so much.
I remember trying to concentrate on instruction about the placenta because Michelle had said in her birthing classes that moms sort of zoned out at that point. Ok, plans are plans. I’m sure I was just as bad or worse then other moms.
The placenta was delivered with no complications. Michelle showed us and I’m sure it was cool, but I was distracted.
Our little boy was in my hands :D. He looked nothing like the Alexander Godfrey we were sure we were going to have if it was a boy. Our other favorite name, Natalia Rose, was an even easier elimination. We settled on the name Christopher Daniel when he was about 20 minutes old.

The examination proved him to be a very healthy boy.

We called my parents and let Christopher cry in the phone. Mark’s parents wanted to call us. (They probably didn’t know how short the labor was going to be)
Michelle finished (she even showed us how to swaddle) and they were on their way. Mark and I were with our little baby in our bed.
That night I woke up every few minutes to look at my sleeping baby boy. He was still breathing and still cute every time.
Marks parents called at five to ask how the labor was progressing. Boy were they surprised. They told us they’d head out asap.
At one point in the night I woke up to see Christopher awake and moving. ‘Is he hungry? Nah, he’d cry.’ Guess what? Baby’s don’t learn to cry about being hungry right away.
My parents arrived at 6 in the morning. I was so happy that they were there for the first time I had to take Christopher’s and my vitals. Moms are great! She even changed his diaper while I stayed in bed.
That morning we called a TON of people. His several friends came to visit him. They all agreed he was cute. (A good thing since I would not have had the energy to punch them…)
Mark’s parents arrived at about 6 in the evening they were pretty tickled pink about their grand baby.
It was an amazing birth and it brought one of the most amazing things MOTHERHOOD!. Wow! After typing all that I wouldn’t mind if that precious baby boy woke up so I could hold him.
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.
Psalm 127: 3-5


  1. Well, they told me I was having reugalr contractions with Jay, but I never felt them. Of course, he never did drop, and they scheduled my c-section. Maybe I’m not a good example, since my babies don’t drop. Ever.

Homemade Whole Wheat Lasagna Noodles

I love the cost, taste, and the health of homemade foods. Also, I better agree with the manufacturing of product made at home and find it less wasteful. Of course I also enjoy the process. :D

The other day I decided to make lasagna noodles for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here is the recipe.

Homemade Whole Wheat Lasagna Noodles

  • 4 cups whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1 3/4 cup warm water
  • 1 t salt

Mix together. Knead for ten minutes. Let dough rest for fifteen minutes. Seperate dough into manageable sections (I did four). Roll dough to 1/8th – 1/16th of an inch. Cut into long rectangles.
Hang the noodles to dry.

I hung my dough over the backs of the chairs (I washed the chairs first). When Mark came home for lunch I had the chairs covered in noodles.

Use as you would store bought lasagna noodles.