Don’t Make Me Count To Three- Book Review

Don’t Make Me Count To Three- by Ginger Plowman is perhaps on of the most amazing books I have read. It is a Mom’s look at heart centered training. It shows you the importance of not just disciplining in the ways of the Lord, but also instructing in the ways of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4)

It is thorough, speaking both on discipline and instruction. The advise is wonderful, easy to understand, and hard to dispute with all of it’s biblical backing.

Not only does it show the importance, but instructs how to do it. With humorous recollections,easy to relate to stories, and good examples. It shows how to use the instruction we’re given to get to the “heart” of the issue with the child. A “why should Mommy say ” (and what verse(s) backs that concept) chart is even in the book.

It gives sound advise about how not to pull yours and your kids hair out. How to keep your voice calm and instruct patiently. I, like the author admits she does, struggle with having a “Teapot Temper”. So, I found it very helpful and encouraging.

I really like that it is from a Mom’s perspective so Moms can relate to it easier, but men will find it interesting also.(Mark and I read it together) Actually, it is a very good book to read together because it doesn’t beat around the bushes and therefore the length is a little on the shorter side (it’s hard to read LONG books together) Already my take on “Train up your child in the way he should go” has been altered. I hope to consistently use her advise and I advise you to check it out also. I would advise this book to ANY Mom. Happy Reading! Debra Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Disclaimer: the views herein are 100% my own. I do get a small compensation any books are bought on Amazon through my site, but that has not altered my view of the book in the least.