DIY Peppermint Lipbalm

I love this chapstick! Perhaps I say that because I’m biased, but it has only natural ingredients, is nice and minty, and is a cinch to make.

Pepperming Lipbalm

Simply melt together

2 T lanolin*
1/4 cup coconut oil (I used refined but extra virgin would have more health benefits)
1 1/2 T beeswax (I used the beeswax pellets from Mountain Rose Herbs)
1 t vitamin E oil (optional)


30 drops peppermint oil**

Pour into (with the help of a medicine syringe) 12 chap stick tubes.

* I used leftover lansinoh lanolin. I’m sure there are much cheaper sources of it, but that is what I had. Because it is SOOO sticky and thick I cut the bottom of the tube, squeezed it out and then re-sealed it with ducktape. It would be easier in summer.

** This was enough peppermint oil that while hot it seemed way too strong. But, peppermint oil is like that. When it cooled down, it seemed to me the perfect amount with a nice cooling effect and great smell. You may use less, or even choose not to use it at all.