The Great Gyro Saga – A Pregnacy Craving Story

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This post is dedicated to all who have ever had a craving.

Once upon a time I craved a gyro. Yes, that fantastic concoction of lamb meat, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pita. Unfortunately, getting a hold of a gyro proved to be quite the challenge. “How?” you might ask, well here you go.

Attempt #1

It was the day of the Church Thanksgiving dinner, and we weren’t going to make it because Christopher was sick. I was bummed. “Can you just go pick something up for dinner, I’m bummed about not making the dinner and really don’t want to cook?” Mark thought it was a reasonable request, so agreed. Little did he know.

“Oh, I know!” I said, having a sudden craving “I want a GYRO!” Mark patiently waited for the next hour and a half as I searched for a restaurant that sold gyros on a Sunday evening. You might know this, but past two on Sundays your chances of getting Gyros in Wichita are slim. I called many many many many… places and didn’t get a single answer.

I had searched the Internet and the phone book. I posted my dilemma on facebook and was told of many restaurants, all of which I had previously called. It was frustrating. Finally, Mark decided to get Chipotle burritos. I usually love those things. They tasted so boring. Unsatisfying. After he left I searched a few minutes more and found a place. Greenmill restaurant is open all day Sunday, and sells Gyros. It was too late but I tucked the knowledge away for later. Little did I know.


Attempt #2

Later that week as Christopher was just getting over his cold and I was just getting over mine (good job sharing Buddy!) I asked to eat out again. We were feeling better, but it truly had been a rough day. Mark said that would be fine.

At 8:30 when Mark finally got home from School (he had a LOT to do that night) I started searching for a place in Wichita where I could get a Gyro, and was open until ten. Once again this was a challenge.

You can imagine my delight when I found out a place for which I had recently purchased a Groupon sold Gyros. I called to check the hours, they were open fairly late because they were a Bar and Grill. Mark went to his school office to print of the Groupon and we were finally off… very late and hungry. (Don’t worry Christopher and I had had a snack.)

We get there to find out what they didn’t tell us. They stop serving food at nine.
We didn’t get a Gyro.


Attempt #3

About a week later the opportunity to go out to eat again opened. It was an odd time, 3 on a Sunday. We had slept in very late so our hours were off. I remembered the place that was open ALL day on Sunday. Excited to get my Gyro, we headed over.

Guess what? Because of the Holidays they were closed between the hours of 2 and 5. We went to Chipotle again.

Attempt #4

It was a Saturday night and we were headed to the mall for me to spend some birthday money. I had eaten dinner but on account of me wanting to throw up each bite because I strongly disliked the stuff, I was still a little hungry. Mark liked dinner and Christopher ate it going “mmmm” every other bite. Weird.

I noticed that there was a place in the mall that sold Gyros. Dubious as to the quality of a mall place I decided to buy one. Guess what? It was horrible… it tasted nothing like a Gyro, or really like anything you would want to eat. Unless strips of soggy cardboard wrapped in a oddly plastic like piece of bread garnished with a red disk of tomato-less-ness is your thing. Mark even thought it tasted pretty bad. I decided to not count this as a success. It was probably the most disappointing failure.


Attempt #5

Now despite how this story seems we really don’t eat out very much. The attempts died for a while. But, when we went to Missouri for Christmas and New Years my Mom decided to take me to my favorite Gyro place. It is actually the place where I first had, and fell in love with, Gyros. She felt sorry for her pregnant, Gyro craving, daughter I guess. Little did she know.

On Friday the 31st of December we finally got the chance to head to Ft. Leonard Wood, where”Odyssey” is located inside the PX. We drove up to the gate to find out that post was closed. There was damage from a tornado which had just gone through it. We turned around.


Attempt #6

Since we couldn’t get on to Post and to the Commissary we headed over to Wal-mart. There we ran into some friends that reminded Mom and Dad about Stefano’s, a little restaurant that sells great Gyros. Little did they know.

We finished at Wal-mart and headed over to Stefano’s. It didn’t look open so Mom ran to the door. They were closed for the Holidays. We had a hearty laugh. Mom decided it was a quest to get me a Gyro. One she could. not. give. up.

Attempt #7

Post was still closed.

Attempt #8

On our way from Wal-mart to Stefanos we saw Mediterranean Grill. Mom remembered it being good so hoping it wasn’t closed for the Holiday’s, we headed over.

Mediterranean Grill was closed for business… like shut down.

Attempt #9

After another hearty laugh I reminded Mom of a dinky little place I noticed even before Mediterranean Grill. It was VERY tiny, looked like fast food, and the exterior was extremely shiny (something I usually don’t like to see after Diner and Spangle experiences). Despite all of this, and the fear they’d be out of Gyro meat, we decided to try one last time.

I ran inside to make sure they had indoor seating. They did for up to 12 people, so we headed in.

“You’re not out of Gyro meet are you?” Mom asked the girl behind the counter. Looking at us like we were crazy the girl said in a heavy greek accent, “No, of course not.”. We laugh and told her a bit of the Gyro saga. She told us that they were the owners of Mediterranean Grill but had to shut down because of complications with the building. She also assured us their Gyros were great.

They were… I ate two.