Recycled Wool Pants and Dress

I love upcycling old clothes, sheets, curtains, ect. Here I show how I recycled a child’s wool sweater into a baby’s longies and matching jumper. I only did wool with Christopher for a bit, but I did like it. Maybe I should do a cloth diapering post one of these days… I’ve used just about every kind of diapering system if only for a bit.

The sweater which needed another life.

My guide dress.

First you will cut the skirt. Sometimes I do the whole width of the sweater and gather it for this I wanted to do only part of it and pleat it because of the pattern. Since this is a recycling project I can give you a general guideline of how to do this. I can’t give you specific measurements.

If the neck is the right size you can just use it, or if it’s round you can just make it smaller, but because of the shape of this one I couldn’t make it smaller and still get the head through and I didn’t like the shape if it. So it had to go.

The bodice and skirt cut out. I already pinned the pleats in the skirt to get a general idea of the outcome.

Since this was not a lined bodice I zigzagged the edges and then sewed them under for the neck and sleeve hole.

I sewed and edged the front and back skirt pieces. Then, I sewed, trimmed, and edged the pleats and sewed (and edged) the whole thing together. It needed a little bow because of the argyle not matching up. It was enough to distract from that fact. I attached the bow and was done.

Now, onto the pants! Using guide pants and allowing for waist casing allowances I cut the sleeves to the length I needed.

I snipped the edges the length I needed for the crotch. If I sewed it together then, I would not have had room for the baby’s butt much alone a cloth diaper!

So, using more of the sleeve I cut a shape to sew in the rear for butt room. (This picture isn’t the best since I ended up cutting it more)

I pinned that lovely butt allowance in, trimming the bottom and lengthening the cut in the sleeves to get them to go together.

I pinned the front. (Yes, that is a lot of pins, this project needed it!)

I sewed and zigzagged the crotch seams.

I made the waist by zigzagging the top and sewing that down to make a casing. I added the elastic and was done.

Christopher helping me.

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