All The Way, Right Away, and With A Joyful Heart

Christopher seems to be into impersonations lately… ones of Grumpy. Funny thing he’s never seen the character of Grumpy… I guess it’s not impersonations. Yes, my sweet little boy has been grumpy lately.

He generally obeys, at the last second, with a wrinkled nose, and after some pathetic mewing sounds.

He’s caught on to me not being up-to-par lately and has REALLY been challenging me. He knew if he didn’t come right away that I wouldn’t take care of it right away.

So, anyway, a couple days ago I started really trying to teach him “All The Way, Right Away, and With a Joyful Heart” a saying from Ginger Plowman’s books Don’t Make Me Count To Three and Heaven at Home. He’s a little young to really catch the meaning of the saying, but if he is old enough to stomp a little foot before or during obeying and to know the “last second”, he’s old enough to learn not stomp his foot and obey right away.

I’ve been getting frustrated with him. Today after he didn’t come when I told him to (the third time?) I waited to see if he’d come, sighed, then took care of his disobedience. It then struck me probably the best way to teach him to obey “all the way, right away, and with a joyful heart” was all the way, right away, and with a JOYFUL heart.

I am blessed to have this little boy and I pray that God helps my attitude as I try to mold his. Because no matter what I say, he’s going to learn more from my actions then anything.