Heaven at Home – by Ginger Plowman

Heaven at Home by Ginger Plowman

I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed Ginger Plowman’s Don’t Make Me Count To Three and so was excited to get this book for Christmas.

I’ve felt very lost lately as to who and what I should be doing as wife, mom, and homemaker so this book truly inspired AND convicted me. It made me yearn to get back on track in being a supportive wife and helpmeet, caretaker to Christopher, and a homemaker. To focus on my relationship with God, Mark, Christopher, my extended family, and friends.

I’ve been in a shell lately as far as relationships have been concerned and this book has helped to bring me out. I still have a ways to go… with God’s help I can continue down the path this book has encouraged me to go down.

It is filled with so many challenging words and uplifting advice. I’m ready to read it again! Her advice is both practical from experience and biblically based (she has some sections she says is merely advice and parts which are biblical mandates.)

I love books that take Paul’s advise about older woman teaching the younger. As a young wife and mother I’m am hungry and grateful for books such as this.


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