Too Small To Ignore: Why The Least Of These Matter Most – Dr. Wes Stafford

Too Small To Ignore: Why The Least of These Matter Most – Dr. Wess Stafford

You’re a little boy running around with friends using a sling shot to hit the stem of a mango way up high. Anticipating it’s sweet juicy flesh!

You are a missionary kid being warned by your mother not to laugh as the chief of the tribe you live among proudly wears a pink piece of negligee (something the Chief thought quite masculine and grand!)

You are a hungry boy unable to choke down his food at lunch, knowing that chances are you’re about to be cruelly beaten when the “Bad News List” is read.

You’re a fourteen year old used to African poverty and simplicity among American teens for the first time in your life. You aren’t sure why the African American children on your street stare at you when you ask to play with them nor why the man at a the carnival would offer you a prize just to for hitting some glass bottles on a shelf with a sling shot.

Dr. Wes Stafford tells his story with captivating words. You will laugh and you will cry through this book, but mostly you will learn. You will learn about our culture from a boy foreign to it. You will learn the impact we have on children. You will learn what “time” is and how it should be used. You will learn why raising children with love, patience, kindness and goodness has such an impact. You will learn how the children around us are SOO important.

It will encourage the stay at home mom who wonders if she did anything other then wiping snot and poopy bottoms that day. It will encourage the teacher who wonders if their words are heard. It will encourage the dad who comes home tired to pleas of playing. It will encourage you, but mostly it will challenge you.

Why do the “least of these” matter most? Read the book. That’s all I can say.

Mark read and thoroughly enjoyed this book also. It has something for everyone. We recently loaned it to a friend getting his degree in secondary education.