Wordless Wednesday – Our Soon to be House



Downstairs bedroom


Dining room

Family room


Christopher’s room

Master bedroom

Hallway from Family room to upstairs bedrooms and bathroom.

Stairway from den to downstairs bedroom.

storage room

storage room

pond we will probably have to fill in :(.

8 of our 22 book boxes and proof that C is at home (broom and dustpan laying on the floor).

What Would I Do Without It?

What does the horrific photo of me showing off my postpartum belly and maternity pants waistband, the semi-terrible photo of me at the table, and the cute photo with my absolutely adorable kids have in common?

Come on. You can guess it.

My woven wrap!!!!

I didn’t have that wrap with Christopher… somehow I survived.

With the possible exception of diapers my woven wrap is my favorite baby item.

I use it ALL THE TIME.

We chose to forgo the pumpkin seat and jump right in with a convertible carseat.
So, for walks and grocery store trips she’s in the wrap.

If I need to cook or clean and she needs to be held, she’s in the wrap.

If we’re at church she’s in the wrap.

Basically, if we’re out of the house and not in the car, she’s in the wrap (or being held by someone else).

A woven wrap is really easy to make. All it is is 6 yards of woven (not cotton print) fabric cut in half lengthwise. I did 45″ wide (22.5 cut in half) but that is limited in the back carries you can do. I like the width though. Keep the other half as a back up or give it to someone else. Hemming is optional. I chose not to hem because I was too lazy to do it and I thought the frayed look went well with the style of fabric.

It is very versatile. You can back carry (it is NOT SAFE to back carry with a stretchy wrap.), hip carry, and front carry. You can carry forward and inward facing. How to safely wear your baby. For information on how to perform different carries with a woven wrap I’d suggest checking out youtube. It is great from newborns to toddlers (I originally got it for back carrying with Christopher).

What would I do without it?

Well, I just might to have Christopher (who I had to wake up) push a kid cart when grocery shopping. This might be while I was pulling his cart with one hand and holding Natalia with the other. I just might have to give him more instructions and corrections then his little brain could handle. He might enjoy the freedom a little more then I did. (He did pretty well, but hey he’s two). I might find three bags of chips end up in my cart while my back is turned. I might have to walk out to the car carrying a baby, a diaper bag, a canvas bag of groceries, and holding a toddlers hand. I might have to kneel down on the parking lot while keeping an overly tired toddler by the car, holding a crying baby, and digging through your purse to find keys.

Let me just say. I’ll never forget it at church again. Wraps are awesome! First grocery store trip with just the kids without it? Not so much.

(thankfully, it was discovered that I forgot my wrap [and sippy cup and burp rag] at church and they were brought to group later that night. Thanks Kyle)