Settling In

Got a sectional with some of our returned deposit money. I’m so excited! It is officially part of this house now, Natalia threw up on it moments after this picture.

Our kitchen is coming together. Needing to be creative since we don’t have a pantry.
We’re going to put some shelves here. Probably three but I’m wanting to get one up soon so I can get our fruit off the counter.

These spice tins are AWESOME!
Some grains and lentils in a not so convenient spot, but it works.
Space saving knife rack. It’s pretty awesome.
So glad the kitchen is nearly there.
Discovered that the shelves in the bedroom we’re using as our lego and craft room fits the textbooks we have just about perfectly. Being stored in boxes are so bad for books, but we don’t necessarily need these handy.
The guy side of the lego and craft room. Not quite done, but in use.
The girl side. Can’t wait to finish!
Our books are patiently waiting for shelves.
Our scary basement. Poor Christopher is scared of this room. I can’t really blame him.
Still a lot to do…

But it is becoming more a home! (Confession, I made the bed for this photo.)
Now to just start catching up on the laundry…

We have been so blessed with this move. Friends have come around and prepared food for us, help pack, help move load after load, get the sectional here, encourage us, babysit, and even unpack! The Lord has truly blessed us with wonderful friends!