Thrifty Thursday- Problem and Solutions

I’ve missed doing my Thrifty Thursday posts. I don’t have anything that deserves a post to itself so I thought I’d do another Problems and Solutions post.

Problem #1 – Having to buy paper plates when we entertain more then a few people.

Solution – we got several plastic plates. They are compact so I can have thirty in my cabinets without them taking massive amounts of space and even when most of them are dirty they don’t take over the kitchen. They are simply shaped so cleaning and drying them is a breeze.

From a purely financial standpoint they won’t ‘pay’ for themselves for probably a couple years, but I love having them. I don’t have to make sure I have the paper plates around (which is more hassle for me then washing a pile of plates) and it cuts down on waste. Even without a dish washer they take hardly anytime to wash because of the shape. Bulk and shape adds a LOT to the time it takes to wash dishes.

We got these at Dillon’s (Kroger) and they were $2 a piece.

Problem – needing a place to store my spices, which I buy in bulk, since I didn’t have the wall space for my spice rack and I don’t like shuffling through a cabinet for spices. I REALLY don’t like it.

Solution- magnetic spice tins. They sit on the side of my fridge. Love these things! I need to buy about twice as many, but for now I have my more common spices and dried herbs hand.

Check out my much cooler spice solution on the old house. Awesome, but wouldn’t work here.

We got these from World Market they were $2 a piece. The lids pull off for easy access or also twist to where you can sprinkle or pour the spice or herb out.

Problem #3- Needing a place to store Mark’s ties.

Solution- A Onesie hanger. Another thing this solved was the fact that I was having issues throwing that hanger in the recycle bin, it just looked SOO useful.
It can store ten ties and just hangs in the closet.

Problem #4- Children books. Ok, those aren’t a problem it’s what to do with them. Children’s books and regular bookshelves don’t go to well together. Being able to see the front picture on Children’s books and increases the desire to read it, look through it, or take it to Mommy. Books that you just see the side of are a lot less interesting. Also, the variation of sizes makes them look unattractive on a shelf.

Solution- We have baskets in different places throughout the house. These keeps these little gems available, you can see at least some of the front of them (so Christopher is able to recognize them immediately), and being able to put the books in the closet basket is just nice. Christopher is always digging through the baskets finding a book he wants to look out. It does my heart good to see that (does that sound old to say?).

Rain Gutter bookshelves are a really cool and inexpensive way to store Children books where you can see the front. It just wouldn’t work for us right now.

Problem – Storing puzzles. I do not like putting puzzles away. It’s annoying to have to do them before being put away. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to clean up a room QUICKLY. 
Solution- We have a puzzle table. This makes it so I can just put the puzzle pieces on it (it also does a better job of keeping the pieces together). Christopher loves playing at this thing. It is just a coffee table. Perfect hight for him and it can fit two people meaning Christopher and I can work at it the puzzles together.


Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot

I recently finished reading Elisabeth Elliot’s Let Me Be A Woman. I thoroughly enjoyed it and so wanted to share about it with you.

It is a fairly easy read that can be read in short spurts of time. The chapters present an idea complete with an easy to follow illustration, and are only a few pages long. Perfect for someone who enjoys reading but doesn’t have very long to read at any given time (does that sound familiar). Though it is an easy read, it really does pack a punch. The information in it is quite sound and challenging.

In it she seeks to answer several questions and topics including:

Who are you? (actually “whose” are you)
Who do you marry?
What is marriage?
Femininity and Masculinity
Is submission stifling?
What makes a marriage work?

I believe my favorite question she sought to answer was “Who do we marry?”. While the sentence “You marry not only a sinner but a man.” made me laugh and seemed to be worded differently then she meant it, the coverage of that topic was truly sublime. Who is it we marry? A sinner, a man, a husband, and a person. In explaining each of those she really brought light to things I’ve never saw or thought about.

The book is not entirely about marriage, though it is notes to her daughter leading up to her marriage. It covers something much deeper. Being a woman, single or married. I’m having trouble wording this…

It made me think about being a little girl. Putting on too big dress up clothes, attempting to curl my hair till it was a knotted mess, and dancing around. There was this phenomenal desire to be pretty. A pretty girl. Feminine. Pink (Now it’s all about purple). While I don’t think I will be digging out the dress up clothes any time soon, it made me want to be more feminine then I’ve wanted to be in a long time. It made me desire beauty. It made me desire inward beauty and peace. It spook to who I desire to be more than anything else a beautiful Woman of God.