There is no denying it, it is hot out there! Yesterday Wichita set a new weather record for itself, 114 degrees.

I went through a time where I desired Ice Cream every single day, but realized that was something I needed to kick. I wasn’t having ice cream everyday, but I was not happy about that.

We needed something yummy, sweet, and cold to snack on. This is quite simplistic and I feel rather silly writing a post about it, but here goes.

Frozen fruit has been the answer. Not just any frozen fruit, frozen fruit on popsicle sticks.

 Honey dew (Dewpops) on sticks ready to go into the freezer to freeze.

We have been freezing Honeydew (Dewpops), Cantaloupe (Cantapops), Grapes (in Kabob style, Grape Sticks), Banana (Banapops), and alternating slices of fruit (Frozen Fruit Kabobs).

 The Banapops are my least favorite but I made a lot of since I found some very ripe Organic Bananas on sale for $0.33 a pound.
It depends on the fruit how you slice it to be put in the stick. Bananas I usually just slice in half and maybe cut of the round tip for the Fruit Kabobs. Grapes I just slide on or alternate with pieces of cantaloupe (my favorite!). Cantaloupes and Honeydew I either cut the slice down for a more pop friendly shape, or cut them into slices and alternate which direction they go on to fit more compactly.
Stick them on a sheet pan, freeze them, then stick them in bags. Like I said, simple enough for me to feel silly about writing about it, but if you’ve never tried it you should.
Cantaloupes and grapes end up the sweetest with Honeydew a close second.

Mark and I have been eating them as much as Christopher :D. They’re sweet, they’re cold and they satisfy that sweet snack-y tooth while not just being less UNhealthy they ARE healthy.


  1. I’ve also found that freezing yogurt is delicious! Just poke a popsicle stick through the plastic film on top and freeze!

  2. WE love doing this with bananas, especially. For an extra special treat, I like to take the granola bar recipe from heavenly homemakers and spread it on the banana, then put a stick in it and freeze the whole thing. It is SOOO delicious, but definitely not as light as straight up fruit pops.