Where I Have Been

I know I have been rather absent the last couple of weeks, but what have I been doing?

Well, Mark was gone for two weeks. They were crazy weeks… and a lot happened including:

Getting locked out of car and house with no cell phone
Christopher spilling two bottles of Wilkins dye on the floor
Christopher spilling laundry soap on the floor
All my diapers deciding to start leaking for some unknown reason
Christopher spilling EO on Natalia and I got to call poisin control
Christopher coloring on Natalia, and everything else
Christopher and me getting sick
Christopher burning his feet
Christopher getting a topical infection
Finding out that a major life change might be coming up (sorry, no details yet but prayers are appreciated)

They were challenging weeks, but they really helped me see how wonderful friends I have, how much I love my husband, and that GOD is in control.

Add the craziness to the fact that I did not have a computer, and blogging went on the back burner. I love blogging but my family always comes first.

Of course I have also been busy preparing for a book.

That is right folks A BOOK!

All of the Modern Alternative Mama contributers are writing a cookbook for real food newbies!!!! More info coming soon.

I do have a TON of photos on my camera ready to become blogposts, so the next few weeks will be exciting.

Nut Milk
Whipped Cream and Whipped Coconut Cream
Homemade Naturally Sweetened Marshmallows
Popping Corn
A Lovely Necklace… waiting for one of you!!!!

and more…

Exciting things are happening folks.

For God So Loved The World

It was the first day cold enough for the floor furnace to be turned on. I was unfamiliar with it so i set it to what I thought was a fairly low temperature. I did not think about it again until I heard Christopher scream. He had walked across it with his bare feet and it was too hot to him. I thought it scared him more then anything, because you could see the flame in the furnace, so I showed him how it worked. He was too upset to listen. 

He pointed to his feet crying “owie”. I looked at them and they were very red with white raised lines in the shape of the grid covering the furnace. He began screaming. We ran cool water over them, I rubbed aloe on them, I even gave him ibuprofen (one of the handful of times he has ever even had medicine) He just kept screaming and the blisters were growing. They were no longer a raised white lines, in some places they were a series of blisters.

In the midst of trying to calm him down and comfort him, he sobbed “bop” which either means bed or pillow. I laid him down on his bed and he immediately started trying to go to sleep. I went into the other room and recommenced folding clothes. It was not long until he waddled to me crying about his “owies”.

We snuggled on the couch for a few minutes while he continued to cry. He asked for “bop” again so we went to go lay down together on Mark’s and my bed. We laid there for thirty minutes. He would settle down and sleep for a few seconds, then would scream with his eyes still shut. He jerked his legs up as if trying tlight away from the pain. He would readjust himself and settle down to sleep again. It seemed like an endless cycle. I prayed, I sang, and I snuggled him. He calmed, screamed, jerked, and rolled.

It was so heart wrenching. Seeing him fight so hard for sleep but not being able to because of the pain. It was the worse he has ever been hurt, and it was on top of him already being sick that day. I wished so hard that I could be sick and burnt instead of him. That I could take his pain. I knew I could handle being hurt better then seeing my son hurt. 

As I snuggled my precious son harder then ever before, nearly in tears, I thought back to an incident two thousand years ago when a perfect man took the punishment of al the sin of mankind.  Not just of those who loved him but those who ridiculed him, beat him, liars, thieves, ungrateful, sinners, us. What great love!

I laid there wishing I could have all the pain my son was in, struggling to bear him suffering burnt feet and a head cold. A love far more unfathomable to me pressed on my heart. A love that did not take the pain on Himself, but allowed His Son to take that pain the pain of the wages of all mankinds sin. The humans He created for His glory then turned away from Him, choosing sin instead. He gave His Son for sinners. He gave His Son because He so loved the world, us.