How to Whip Cream

Whipped cream is a great addition to crisps, pies, drinks, or just about anything even just a spoon.

Thankfully it is also really easy to make.

Whipped Cream-

Put your cream in a bowl of your stand mixer. Using the whisk attachment start whipping the cream (you can also do this with a hand mixer). Start slowly to keep cream from splashing everywhere. The cream will start to have air incorporated in it. First it will have bubbles on the top then it will start increasing in volume. When you can lift the whisk and hold it upside down the peaks of whipped cream will just start to tip over, this is soft peak. It only takes a few minutes so keep an eye on it.

Do not overwhip it or you will have butter, which is good but not the goal.

I sweeten it with a tiny bit of honey (about 1 T for 2 cups of whipped cream). I usually use it with a dessert so my goal is not to make it super sweet but to help cut the richness of the fat.

You can also add some vanilla (about 1/2 t for 2 cups of whipped cream)

You can also do this by hand if you want to burn all the calories you are about to consume.

If so put a large metal bowl and your cream in the freezer. Let them get REALLY cold but do not let the cream freeze. The low temperature helps it whip quickly.

The better the whisk you have the easier this will be. I like the Double Balloon Whisk from Pampered Chef.

Set the bowl on a bag of ice or frozen vegetables (optional, but it helps it whip quicker) at an angle and have at it with the whisk.

Make sure you are whisking not stirring. Whisking is more vigorous and folds air into the batter. You will use mostly your wrist and muscles you did not know existed until you try to whip cream. Stirring looks like this: the whisk is touching the bottom of the bowl and goes in circles. Whisking looks like this: the whisk is mixing the cream AND air it is a oval that goes into the cream, into the air and back down (but the whisk does not leaves the cream). I hope that makes sense.

It will take 10- 12 minutes and is exhausting but really fun. It is a great project to do with several people.


  1. You do the same thing with egg whites for meringue! I actually know how to do /that/. :)


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