A Tour of Our Bedroom

I mentioned a while back that I was trying to do a little better about decorating. *cough* yeah…

Well, our bedroom reached about the halfway point of where I wanted it to be a few days AFTER we decided we wanted to move. And, it is going to stay that way as long as possible. So the while rest of my house looks something like this…

There is a place of relative peace we can go to. A couple times last week we lit all the candles and just spent some time in our room. I am not a photographer, obviously, and it is not complete, but I wanted to share with you some pictures of our room.
I love candles. Can you tell? I love the smell of them, the light from them, the smell of the smoke after you blow them out, and the soft glow it gives.
Here is the same corner with the lights on. Doesn’t that alarm clock just look lovely?
Vase – $1 at a yard sale
Red leaves – $0.35 at goodwill
Candle stand – Part of a $7 set from a second hand store.
Animal print candles – 50% off at Hobby Lobby
Black Elephant – 50% off at Hobby Lobby
Grey Elephant – gift from our cousins who visited India
Flowers in vase – 50% off at Hobby Lobby
Small Basket – gift from my sister from being a bridesmaid
Tall Candles- foraged from a friends “go to DAV” pile
Ivy – gift
Sign- $3 from Hobby Lobby clearance aisle
Basket – second hand for $3 (I think…)
Tiger lily tealight holder- A Christmas gift from Mark’s aunt and uncle
Wooden box- handmade by my paternal Papa (he is talented!)
I talk about our family tree here. It is made with a painting I did, some discount frames, animal print and regular ribbon, and tree branches broken off the second of the tree candle holder set.  
A sitting area for Mark and me. The chairs never did get painted black and the animal cushions for them did not get made, but I still like it. 
Table – belongs to the couple who owns this house, and they said we could use it.
Ivy – given to me in a bag of decorations from a friend
Chairs- came with our first dining room table, that cost $15
Candle stand- $3 and a yardsale
Candles- Clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. I was pretty happy when I saw three candles tht would match our room there.
The willow tree was a wedding present. I love it!
Cross- made by me in a frame that I found
Whittled Cross and Couple – Made my Mark. It was actually part of our cake topper.
“Debra” Name Artwork- Made by my Papa

Ivy- birthday gift (I was given ivy by 5 different people for this room!)
Shrugs- cut from sheer fabric I had bought a while back while on sale
Curtain and curtain rod- belongs to the owners of the house
Ivy shelves- $10 at yardsale
Basket – Manager special closeout at Dillons
Our bedroom is large enough we can put the bed catacorner making LOTS of storage room behind it. You’d be amazed what can fit behind there. 

Tree- $10 at a yardsale
Bedframe – $30 at DAV
Bedspread – I’m not saying… but isn’t it pretty? I have a bunch of animal print fabrics to make decorative pillows at some point, but that has not happened.

There is no tree in this picture because we are getting rid of the tree and my darling husband put it back so I could take pictures.

Wooden cradle- $50 at an antique store
Zebra blanket (what she usually uses; not pictured) – handmade by my sister
Stud- gift from God
Baby- gift from God

The dry erase boards that hang on each side of the bed were made from gifted frames and with just some white paper. They are hung by animal print ribbons and I wrapped the corners with other ribbons to hold paper notes. 

Bedside table – a stool that we got from the dumpster covered in clearance fabric
Ivy – a Christmas gift
Beaded lamp – A birthday gift from Mark’s parents
Zibra pillow- A Christmas gift from Mark’s Uncle and Aunt

A completely blank wall – curtisy of never having the time to finish my piece of artwork for it.

And here is a bonus picture because I like showing off my cute kids even if Natalia is not wearing matching clothes and her hair is crazy.


  1. Wow, I’m dying to know about the bedspread.
    I enjoyed the tour. Wish I could have seen the house before you moved.

  2. Haha it took me awhile to figure out the stud from God. A stud in the wall? Huh? Oh… :)

    Nice room! I need to figure out some decorations for our bedroom. We at least have curtains and a nice comforter, but that’s it so far.

    • Amanda, it took me 3 and a half years to even think about starting to decorate. Hopefully, I will slowly get better at doing it, because I am really motivated to keep that room clean since I like the look of it.

  3. Yard sale, clearance, and Goodwill. We are sisters separated at birth.