Contentment in Tiny Quarters – Guest Post

Today’s post is written by Michelle Jorgenson from MK Jorgenson. 

My husband is a PhD student.  I am a stay-at-home mom.  Needless to say, we live in an itty bitty basement apartment.
The owners keep up the building well: we have full-sized kitchen appliances.  The building’s been re-sided since we moved in.  We have a new garage door.  The coin-op laundry is a ripoff, but there’s space in the closet for a portable washer that wheels out and hooks up to the kitchen sink.
Moving the washer back and forth is inconvenient, but the price is right.  Living on the edge of low-income-meets-sketchy is inconvenient (and sometimes scary), but the price is right.  Raising a child here is inconvenient, but…the price is right.  And it’s where the Lord put us, with His perfect will and plan.
I hope that my daughter’s memories of this place are different than mine, that they are tinted with the joy of childhood, the innocence of youth.
I hope she remembers waving out the window at every passerby but forgets their coarse language and the bottle-shaped paper sacks they carried.
I hope she remembers lunch after lunch of PB&J as a treat rather than a budget stretcher, that listening to mama read God’s Word and American Girl books plays like a soundtrack to sweet, sticky-fingered memories.
I hope she remembers Mama baking and reading and leading walks to the park with a smile on, rather than pining over decorating magazines filled with perfect homes…and full-sized, stationery washing machines.
I hope that she has her own basement apartment days, the ones where she’ll have to depend on God though she’ll try to depend on herself first.
Ever since she was a plus sign on a pregnancy test, my prayer has been that she will love Jesus more than I have.
And now I’ve started praying that she’ll pass me in contentment, too–though maybe, just maybe, she can learn a bit of it from me.

Michelle Jorgenson is a happy wife and momma who spends naptime writing what she calls “Biblical fanfiction”–stories built around actual biblical events.  Her first novel, Regardless, follows a servant of Saul of Tarsus who hates his master but cannot seem to escape him…or his own troubled past.  It is available on Kindle and Nook and in paperback through Amazon.


  1. Learning contentment… been there, done that, still doing that! We lived in a 650 square foot one-bedroom house for two years — one year and three months with our daughter and nine months with our daughter and our son. God supplies all we need and in the time we need it…it was/is a hard lesson to learn but life is so much less stressful once we have begun to learn it!
    Blessings to you and your family!