Cloth Diapers Tips and Tricks

I wrote about cloth diapers a while back, but I wanted to give you my top 10 tips for cloth diapering!

In no particular order:

10. Use cloth wipes! You don’t have extra washing if you are already doing cloth diapers and you won’t have to worry about putting wipes in one place and diapers in another. I just use the cheap wash clothes from Walmart. At 4/$1 they are a fairly cheap investment. You can also just serge a flannel blanket.

9. You can put dampened wipes in a ziplock bag for traveling. Take some dry too so that you have something for noses!

8. Use extra virgin coconut oil as a cloth diaper safe diaper rash cream. It is naturally antibacterial and nice and hydrating. Oh and it is super frugal and something you probably already have around.

7. If you are having trouble with rashes, consider stripping. To strip wash your diapers in super hot water with no soap, and until no bubbles are formed in the washing water (a few bubbles will be created by agitation). You can also use a little vinegar if desperate, but that is not the best for PUL.

6. Consider wool. Wool is cooler in the summer because there is no plastic involved and in the winter you can use it OVER the PUL for extra protection against leaks.

5. Invest in some flats. Have you ever switched a diaper load over in the morning and then you’re stuck waiting for diapers to dry before you can go somewhere? Covers AND flats dry in 5-10 minutes. I just fold my flats in a rectangle that I lay them in a cover. I only have a few but they are great for when I NEED A DRY DIAPER.

4. You CAN get a diaper sprayer to help rinse poo off diapers, but the ONE time I used it I thought it was more work then just rinsing the diaper. Some people swear by them though. Prefolds and flats rinse super easily.

3. Have one place where you keep all your diapers AND change them. This could be a diaper changing table, but Mark and I prefer changing on the floor. We have a rack in our bathroom that houses wipes, diapers, ect. and our diaper pail is near the rack.

2. Either hang the diapers in the sun or dry them in a hot dryer to help kill bacteria. Hanging them in the sun also helps “bleach” poo spots off the diaper.

1. Use soap nut liquid (instructions here) to wash diapers. It is the BEST (cheapest and most natural) diaper soap I have used.

What are some cloth diaper tips that YOU have?

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  1. Don’t forget the most economical diapering tip of all – elimination communication! When I first heard of it I thought it was crazy, but most of the world (apart from the consumerist West) uses this method and little ones learn to hold their bladders/bowels very quickly. I do it only part-time with my toddler and she is getting the hang of the potty pretty quickly. I plan to use it from day 1 with any future children.

    • I’ve thought about it, then realized I would not feel comfortable asking those who babysat my kids to do that, so that was that :D. But, I think it’s a cool idea.

  2. Good tips Debra! And I agree with each one – you’re a genius. ;-)

  3. Great tips all of them… I’m just not sure if I can bring myself to use cloth wipes. >shudder<

    • I don’t find them bad at all, honestly. But I’m weird with what bothers me and what doesn’t. Poop. Fine. Gutting chickens. Fine. Snot. YUCK!!!!! :D

  4. I can’t wait to try out coconut oil as diaper cream! Thanks for the tip! (P.s. I came here from life as Mom)

  5. I’m so glad to hear about the coconut oil! We have been putting our son in disposables for a day or two any time he gets a bit of a rash to avoid having to strip our re-usables. I’m excited to try the coconut oil tip!

    • Let me know how it works. If you need a more heavy duty one you might be able to add some tea tree oil. Also air does wonders, if you’re fine with him sitting on a fleece or wool blanket bare bottomed for a bit.