Having Young Kids Help Around The House – How and Why

I love involving little kids around the house! Saturday I posted over at Modern Alternative Mama about just that. In the post I share why it is important to allow young kids to help you around the house and also give some tips on just how to do it.

Here is a preview:
One of the books that has had a huge impact on my life as a mom is the founder of Compassion International, Dr. Wes Stafford’s, bookToo Small To Ignore: Why the Least of These Matter Most. In fact for anyone who works with kids, that would be my second highest recommended book. After the The Holy Bible of course. It has fundamentally changed my view on what my relationship with children, specifically my own, should look like. One of the biggest things I got from it was this: involving kids. Living life with them. Often it seems so much easier to go play with kids on their turf occasionally, and then busy them while we work on “adult” things. But allowing kids to “help” (read: be involved in) you on your turf, is as important then playing with them on theirs.