Menu Plan – Week 1

I will not be giving the days for each dinner because I menu plan and shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, or sometimes Thursday. That is not the case for most people so I will just be listing the 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners I planned for the week each Friday. I am sorry for the lack of recipes, as I continue doing it I should be able to give you more recipes.

I add in vegetables and fruit later as I see what is on sale. Lunches are leftovers or one of the few simple meals I keep on hand for lunch. 

  • Bierocks (These made with a two loaves worth of whole wheat bread dough instead of the white bread)
  • Salmon Pockets
  • Haitian Rice and Beans
  • Crock Pot Texas Calico Chili
  • Ricotta Noodles
  • Mark cooking (probably PB&J or Eggs)
  • Oven Fried Chicken Legs (Recipe coming)

Uplifting, and FREE, Audio Books and Podcasts

I love listening to audio productions! Radio theater, Audio books, and podcasts! Oh my! It makes doing things like the dishes and laundry during a quiet day a lot more fun, and since I try to listen to uplifting productions I am multi-tasking. Learning and working.

I do have a collection of Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre productions that I love. Especially  The Chronicles of Narnia. It is not quite as magical as the books, but definitely close.  But, I have actually never bought any radio theater productions or audio books, they have all been gifts. When I’m providing something to listen to, I go for free. Uplifting, but free.

Where do you get free audio productions and podcasts? Here are a few of my favorite sources:

Librivox and Books Should Be Free– Librivox is a GREAT source of audio books. has books from librivox and is easier to navigate, so I suggest using it instead of the librivox website. All the books are in the public domain, so there is a whole slew of old books ready to be listened to for free. Is everything on there something I’d want to listen to? Nope! But their classics section (since a lot of classics ARE public domain) is pretty amazing.

Check out their collection of-

Lousia May Alcott books 
Lucy Maud Montgomery books
George McDonald books (a lesser known Christian author who inspired C. S. Lewis)
Jane Austen books
The Five Little Peppers series (this is great family book)
Charles Dickens- though I find his books can be a bit wordy to listen to while working
G. A. Henty books
Their Historical Fiction section
Their Religious (not necessarily Christian) section that includes the Bible
Swiss Family Robison
and that is jut the beginning!

A lot of those books I would like to have, or already have, in print but it sure is nice to listen to them also.

Library- Most libraries have a good selection of audio books. Just don’t return them late. The late fees stack up quicker on for audio book then paper books! I should know. *cough*

Christian Audio –  Christian has a monthly free download.  Definitely worth looking into! They also have a Free-mium section.

Homemakers by Choice Daily Podcasts- Homemakers By Choice is a ministry ran by Donna Otta teaching women how to run their home and be a godly women. She has  free daily podcasts that you can listen to on itunes. I always learn something when I listen to her!

One I actually am not really familiar with this one. I used to listen to Homemakers by Choice on but they no longer host it. It looks like it is a great source of online Christian radio and a plethora of podcasts.

Family Talk with Dr. Jame Dobson- Family Talk aired in Wichita at 9:30 am. I used to listen to it while working in the kitchen for 30 minutes after breakfast and morning craziness. Here it is aired too early but I can listen to it online, Whenever I want. I love reading Dr. James Dobson’s books and listening to his podcasts!

Adventures in Odyssey- I grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey. “Hi I’m Chris. Welcome to Adventures in Odyssey” “80995”. I still love listening to it! Even if I know pretty much every single episode and consider a lot of their adventure stories somewhat… lame (yet, I still enjoy them :D). Everyday they put up an archive episode up for you to listen to and on Saturdays add the new ones. It might not be your cup of tea, but if you have kids let them listen to it!

Christian Radio- Just learn when programs you’d like to listen to air. If you miss it you probably can find it online.

That is just the tip of the iceburg! What are some resources for free listening you enjoy?

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  1. I would like to add one they have several different audio versions of the bible online

  2. Adventures in Odyssey ROCKS!

  3. I second all of the above! :) I might also add is great for selecting the type of music you’d like to listen to (i.e. if you want a mix of classical and Christian, you can program that in). It does take a little bit of work on the front end, but when you come to a song you love, you can “thumbs up” it for replay on the “station” at a later time…and if you totally dislike another song, you can “thumbs down” it, and Pandora will never bring it up again. There are occasional ads on it, but I don’t find them to be too distracting. has some good podcasts also. I don’t listen to them frequently, but it’s worth mentioning.

    I listen to Dave Ramsey daily on my drive home from my internship. After I get home, I download the daily (weekday) podcast on iTunes and listen to that. has a lot of great sermons to listen to. I typically listen to Voddie Baucham on this website. It’s not updated on a weekly basis, but it has quite a few of his sermons from his home church, Grace Family Baptist, in Houston.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You can also barter for music, books or whatever you like at I’ve been using it for months and saved lots of money by bartering.