DIY Cash System Wallet Tutorial

I am SOOO very excited about this tutorial! I’ve been wanting to make an envelope system wallet for a while, and finally made one last week. Now, I have a lovely new cash system, which I took shopping with me for the first time Thursday. It worked GREAT! 

Isn’t it a beauty? And it was really quite easy. I didn’t even cry over it while making it… not that I ever cry when making craft projects. Or when I thought I lost the 20 pictures I uploaded to make a tutorial on them, well that might have happened.

The instructions to make your very own cash system wallet is over at Modern Alternative Mama, where I am writing today. So, head on over and start making your own.

Just remember to fill it with…


  1. Your project is great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Have I gone crazy – or are there no instructions on how to do this?

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