Mommyland Monday- Luxury: Before and After

So, the other night my sisters, a few friends, and I went out to the movies. The night out was amazing, but what made me feel really luxurious was the cute little bag I got to carry… instead of a diaper bag. So, I thought I’d give you a list of a few other things that I really did not realize were luxurious BEFORE I became a mom. Now, most of my befores I’d still consider luxurious, but I’m a little less picky now. 

Also contributing today is Heather from the blogs Daily Walking and Daily Laughing. Thanks Heather!

Before: Dressing up in a cute/pretty dress (which you probably, can not nurse in and didn’t even realize it).

After: Carrying a cute little purse you can’t fit 5 cloth diapers, 3 water bottles, 2 change of clothes, and the state of Texas into.

img by mmagallan 

Before: A nice dinner.

img by nosheep
After: Being able to eat with the use of both hands!

From Heather
Before: Waking up way past sunrise.

After: Realizing you didn’t get woken up before sunrise.

Before: Relaxing after a Long Days Work.

img by szantobett 
After: Forgetting some of the hardest work you’ve ever done 

Also from Heather:
Before: A slow walk with your spouse holding hands and enjoying each other.

After: Surviving a walk with no tears or fits.

Also from Heather:
Before: Spending the day curled up under a blanket reading.
After: Reading anything besides “Jane and Dick” or “Red Fish, Blue Fish”

Before: A date night with your husband.

img by CWMGary
After: An uninterrupted conversation with your husband. 

Before: Egyptian Cotton Sheets, a nice pillow, a good mattress ect.

img by leoercole
After: Sleep 

Before: Snuggled up with a cozy quilt on a comfy couch.

After: A chance to do nothing but snuggle your dears. 


  1. So sweet and right! Love the photo of the feet hanging off the bed. LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it! So true! I laughed the most at the picture for “sleep.” Classic.