25 Not Random Facts about Me

Funny thing, I did a list of this on Modern Alternative Mama, but have never done it HERE. I think it is time!

1. I hate when people fraudulently label things “random”. These are NOT random facts. Things like this never are random. People think about them… and then label them “random.” That’s even less random then a code finding a “random” number such as when you set a cd  to “random” or go to “random.org“. When you place things “randomly” most likely you are actually thinking about it and attempting to make it look random, which is often interpreted as “evenly spaced and NOT in a left to right line.”

2. I’m a bit of a nerd. But, the last thing MIGHT have already told you that.

3. I have always enjoyed writing, but have always struggled with it. I hated english growing up. Why do I keep a blog again? My thing has always been drawing and numbers. Blogging has very little to do with either of those.

4. I would LOVE to take singing lessons!

5. I am an artist. That is actually what I would consider my talent. But, I’ve not drawn in a while.

6. I LOVE acting and have been in something like 15 plays. I lost count. I would love to get a chance to act again, but it’s a little harder when you are no longer part of a highschool drama troupe or a large church that puts on productions. There is a local christian drama group, but I’m at a lost as to whether or not I should even try.

My sister Laura and me attempting to make the thespian faces. I just might get shot for putting this up.

7. I played the piano growing up. Not grand or even very good. But, I enjoyed it, and miss it.

8. As most teenage girls I loved photography, but never did anything with it or even learned how to take a decent picture. I wish I had so that I could “beautify” my blog through decent pictures.

My littlest siblings being “models” for me four years ago.
9. I LOVE English Country and English Contra Dancing. Soooo much fun!!!!!!! I missed a dance Saturday! I hope to make the next one. I have not done it regularly since moving to Kansas.

10. I have moved 10 times, and have even lived over seas in Germany, but I do not remember it because I was so young. I do remember trying to talk to a little boy at a playground… and the ‘idiot’ was NOT speaking correctly.

11. I did not read until I was about 7 (maybe 8) because I was sooooo clueless. I would draw my letters with curlicues (they were pretty!) but would have no idea what the letter was called. I would sound out words “d—ow—-n” and my LITTLE sister Laura would yell ” ‘down’ Debra ‘down’!”

12. I have 6 sisters and 1 brother. True story.

My siblings, brother-in-laws, husband and kids, parents, and nieces and nephews. 

13. I was homeschooled as were/are all my siblings.

14. I dream of learning belly dance, well more then I already have since I do know a bit.

15. I LOVE North Carolina Style BBQ (but I do leave off the coleslaw).

16. I really enjoy going to Pizzerias. Pizzas should always taste like they do at Pizzerias.

17. I have gotten out of practice, but I enjoy story telling especially to little kids. I can not wait till Christopher is at the age where he will appreciate a good story.

This is actually my sister Laura telling a story to a swarm of little girls, but this could just as easily be me. My whole family enjoys the art of story telling.

18. I love books, but do not read NEARLY as much as I’d like to.

19. I can get pretty creative in the kitchen. This has lead to some “interesting” meals, but also some super wins. Thankfully, I have learned a thing or two since I tried making a soup out of canned mackerel and boxed au gratin potatoes. That was way before Mark met me… which might just be a good thing. But, I did have a friend over that night. Poor Jeanette.

20. I have been kissed by a frog. I was posing with one pretending to kiss is, being the dork that I am, and it actually jumped up a bit and it’s lips touched mine. I have a picture of it, just not sure where. It was two years before I met Mark.

21. RIGHT before I met Mark I told my Mom I was not ready for any sort of relationship. I got married a year later.

22. Mark and I got married on a Sunday afternoon. Why? We got married the DAY after Mark graduated so that we could go on a honeymoon, get back the next weekend to see his cousin get married, and move the NEXT weekend. That Sunday, our first Sunday at the church we first attended as a couple in Wichita, was out one year anniversary of knowing each other.

23. For my 18th birthday Mark gave me an art set. I was SOOO disappointed. Not because it was a bad gift, but I was kind of hoping for a proposal. He proposed about a month later at his families’ Christmas.

Yes, those ARE pictures of us a few days before we got engaged. Yes, we look like babies. We were. Yes, we were married a few months later and had a kid less then a year and a half later. No, I do not think we were too young! No, Mark is not creepy looking in real life.
24. I had a slew of things I wanted to be when I grew up…. everything from actress, to author, to artist, to mathematician. Silly me. Funny, being a stay at home mom and blogger never really entered my head. Well, stay at home mom did, but I never romanticized it like I did… doing math. 
25. I would STILL love to do art professionally and write a book. In fact my husband is ‘forcing’ (strongly encouraging) me to write the one down that has been in my head for years in hopes that I can actually SLEEP instead of working on the next part in my head. 

A Few Things You Might not Know about Debra from Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes

I’ve been blogging for a while now, but have never done much with my blog until recently (and still not a TON). Lately though, I have a feeling that people are starting to see my little corner of the blogosphere. The bulk of my readers are actually no longer people I know in person, and lately comments have included “Debra” in them. That’s not weird since I am Debra, but it seems all of a sudden people are not just seeing a post, they are seeing one written by Debra from Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes. This is a wee bit unsettling for little me, not that I do consider it a bad thing. I do, after all, keep a blog. My hope with this blog is it will be a blessing to people. That is what I hope and pray God is able to accomplish through this young whipper snapper who always hated English growing up that he called to blogging.

Social media is really a rotten way to get to know people, I’m afraid. Which is sort of sad. I would love to get to know you, my readers and several other bloggers I work with. It’s so easy to fantasize people, and paint them either in a really GOOD light or really BAD light. It’s hard to remember that those people, about whom you know nothing more about then what share about themselves, are just normal people. I know, because I’ve been there.

So, here is my attempt to let you know a bit more about me. Not the side of “oh I learned something, here it is” or “I made a cool recipe, here it is.” or “I learned a lesson a really hard way, but I’m on the other side of it, so let me share it with you.” I almost always write about that, and while I try to be real, it’s still hard on a blog. But rather in the, “I’m a sinner saved by grace, who hopes and prays that God will continue to work on me. Because I’m so rough. I’m not a pretty vessel, I’m a clump of clay” sort of way.

I’m young. Super young. I’m 22, and have not even been married for 4 years. Why God would call me to keep a blog about being a wife, mom, and homemaker I do not know. I am completely inadequate to do so. But, I do know that God is not looking for a resume. He’s looking for a heart. So, if he is able to bless others through my attempts at blogging, to him be the glory.

I often want to quit. I enjoy blogging, and feel called to it, but the times I have said “this is silly. Why in the world am I blogging”. Then something happens. Someone shares a post on facebook or someone tells me they are blessed by my writing ect. I know that I should do what God calls me to do, even without encouragement like that, but I sure am grateful he sends it my way to remind me. There is a reason I sit down and write a post, even if only a couple times a week. Don’t get me wrong though, I love blogging. Part of the time. :D

I’m terrible at keeping a clean house. Terrible. I still have hope in learning better as the years go by, but for now… yikes. Actually, this picture doesn’t even do a good job of showing how messy my house gets. But, it’s a picture of my kitchen the other day, taken as soon as I realized I was going to write this post. I have boughts of doing better, but they never seem to last long.

I’m terrible at time management. It is 10:21 and I am just now eating breakfast, and feeding it to Christopher. I know I need to create, and FOLLOW, a simple routine (not schedule) but I’ve tried so many and have stuck to none.

I struggle with both being a lazy sloth AND taking it easy and resting. I know. I’m talented. I guess the two aren’t that unrelated because I do not get things done when they should, so then I’m stressed and have trouble relaxing. In general I’m either SUPER motivated (not necessarily for the right things… “let’s learn how to make mayo today even though the kitchen is a DISASTER” or not motivated at all. “How about I sit here and watch someone on Chopped make homemade mayo.”

I LOVE eating out and do it way too often for our budget and health. I’m hoping to get over that habit a bit during the elimination diet we are currently on. Can’t exactly eat out with so many restrictions.

I get angry far too quickly,do too much out of anger, and stay angry way too long. I do not say that as an hopeless fact, but simply as a fact. I know God can change me if I let him.

I pretty much suck at relationships. Watch out. Don’t get too close to me… or I will start pushing you away. I’m actually better about this now then I used to be. But I feel that I am slipping back into it with the recent move. I just started being more open with my friends in Wichita, and we moved. I actually yelled at God at one point “WHY DID YOU TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS JUST TO TAKE THEM ALL AWAY!!!!!!” Honestly, I still do not really know and am crying as I write this. But, I think it’s a good thing. Or maybe I trust that it is. For clarification, I do have friends here in Missouri, but am still struggling with this.

I’m a total goofball and am trying to learn the balance with that. I’ve almost always been embarrassed AFTER the fact of doing something silly sometimes for good reason, others for not. Also, I did not realize for a LONG time it was fine to be funny when writing posts. Which is in itself silly. They’re written by me, I can put a joke or two in them if I want to, and I should. I do not know why I have this picture in my head of “inspirational = serious”. Still learning my voice. Be patient with me please.

Once upon a time I wrote a post called “does healthy eating matter?” I still believe what I wrote in that post, but I had the attitude of “invincible natural mama”  behind it. I told how Christopher had NEVER been sick, Mark had not been sick in 2 years, and I had only been sick once in two years. I knew it was because of our diet, and was fairly judgmental of those who had health problems. Since then we have had two TERRIBLE cold seasons where we all got sick one time after another, I had to go on partial bedrest, my daughter shows sign of having pretty bad gut health, I’ve officially been “overweight” for the first time in my life, Mark had chronic diarrhea, and I have struggled with fatigue, insomnia, and headaches. I still think healthy eating matters, but I also think that perhaps God let me see what happens when you only rely completely on diet and not on him and allowing me to be humbled. Through prayer and a few changes (that I decided on through prayer and research) I hope our general health can get a little, well A LOT, better. Oh, and since I currently could lose some weight (maybe), I’ve restricted writing on health because no one wants to hear “fat is good for you” ect. from a chubby girl.

Speaking of weight… I have struggled with it. I know I am a much healthier size right now FOR right now then if I was super skinny, but I MISS being super skinny. I KNOW the fact that I was too small when we got married (which actually, weirdly enough, was not the time that I did struggle with eating…) and that Mark did not even LIKE how small I was. But, I miss it. It would be SUPER unhealthy for me to be that small right now, and I hope I never am again. But, I still miss it.

I was super happy when Christopher was a boy. I was not ready for a little girl to be looking up to me, and I’m still not. I pray through God’s grace she turns out all right.

This post is not super fun for me to write. I have quite a bit of pride. I’m a super mama and wife. At least I’d like to be… sometimes I keep forgetting that I will never be a super mama. I need my goal to be a super daughter dependent on God’s grace, love, and guidance. 

I hope that puts a little light on me. Tomorrow I will share some more random things about me, since I think that would be good too and probably what you thought this post would be about.

Here is what I’m wanting to get across. 1) letting you know, even though I write about things I do learn that that is not really a very big picture of who I am and if anything on here is a blessing to you, or you learn anything it is through God’s glory alone. 2) I’m also hoping to leave you with the concept, of being willing to admit your faults and that you need to rely on God. None of us are perfect, but in order to improve we need to admit that WE can not do it alone. 3) For my own selfish reasons of coming to terms that I am not who I want to be and that I need to rely on God more to be able to grow.

I was not going to post the below video, because my musical husband said I sound tone death in it. But, I think I should so… yeah. 

Review for Parents Door Knob Cover

In general I am not a fan of “child proofing” homes. I think children should be home proofed, but I will not rely on obedience for safety. That is why I went ahead and got a door knob cover the other day. Christopher, in hardly any time, can get the front door unlocked and opened. So, I was pretty happy to find Door Knob Covers at the second hand store.

I thought I’d post a video review of them.

So, there is my review. I guess we will be investing in a door chain.

Parents Magazine did not give me anything for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. That’s really funny! :-) Annie can’t work our door knob covers….actually, I sometimes have a hard time getting them to work. So, I’m pleased with the ones that we have.
    That being said, we also have a security lock at the very top of the door. ;-)

    • I shouldn’t be surprised he figured it out… He use to take the pins out of the pistons on our screen door so if they did not latch (a couple houses ago the screen door did not latch unless you were VERY purposeful about it) he could open them and they would not spring back. But, I was caught off guard. Which ones do you have? I probably will just be getting a chain though.