Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy

It was 1:30 in the morning. We had just completed a long lists of tasks, or as much as was going to get done. Mark sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to him. I was a bit confused, expecting to go to bed, but I sat down beside him and we snuggled. “Well, hello.” He said smiling. It sounded like a greeting you give to someone you have not seen for a while, so I was pretty confused. “Where have I been?” I asked. “Busy” he answered and gave me a long contented hug.

Busy. It is something that can take you further away then any amount of distance, while you are still physically there. It can ruin relationships.

One year at Christmas I saw remember a tagline on the front of a magazine “What Is the Gift the MOST People Want for Christmas… It will surprise you” I flipped to the articles page, and I was NOT surprised. Time. The most saught after gift, was the gift of time.

Time is a funny thing. You can’t grasp it, but you can lose it. We have no time other then the depthless sheet of time known as “now” then, it is gone.

As destructive as busy can be though, it is expected.

“So, what have you been up to?”
“Yeah, me too.”

Because to not be busy = lazy. At least that is what our culture will have you believe. One must always be busy busy busy. Striving to achieve. To make the coolest projects. To be the fittest. To be the “cool” mom who gardens, and cooks everything from scratch, crafts, does morning and evening devotions. Busy busy busy. We live in fast society, with so much information bombarding us at all times. Studies and ideas are plastered everywhere ready for us to take up and achieve. To do. And, it is expected younger and younger. We want our kids to succeed. We put them in the best programs, and as many as we can cram them in to. Expecting this will result in superior… abilities, intelligence, ect.

And all the time we are being busy… what are we achieving?

Are we achieving our goals?

Are your goals to be a crafty mom who decorates her home with gorgeous, homemade, decorations?

Are your goals to the so fit you could be considered an athlete?

Are your goals to compete with Mrs. Jones down the road?

Are your goals to prepare the must scrumptious meals?

Are your goals to a house magnificently clean?

There is nothing wrong, per say, with the above things. But, should they be our goals? Should those silly little things be what we put our time and energy into? Keeping a house instead of a home? Cooking meals more then gathering the family around the dinner table? Being the “best” instead of giving of yourself fully to Him and allowing Him to mold you?

What are you trying to achieve?

Frame Hair Clip Holder

Natalia has a lot of hair… and a lot of clips to try and keep that hair tamed. I figured it was time for them to serve double duty. A few weeks ago I found a simple frame at a second hand store for next to nothing ($0.25 maybe?) I snatched it up for the purpose of making a cute bathroom decoration, and a way to store Natalia’s clips.

Making a frame hair clip holder is super simple.

Here is what you will need:

  • A frame 
  • Ribbons
  • Nails and duct tape, a staple gun and glue, or tacks (or some other way to attach them!)

Chose your ribbons, and the cut them to length. I thought it’d be cute for the frame to be at an angle so cut my ribbons for that.

Next, all you have to do is attach the ribbons to the back of the frame. I did it a fairly “ghetto” way with what I had on hand…

Yes, I nailed them in at an angle, then taped the ends of the ribbons onto the frame to keep them from unraveling or pulling too hard on the nails. A more “sophisticated” way to do this would be with a staple gun, with a tad bit of hot glue on the ends to keep them unraveling or with upholstery tacks. Just remember, you won’t see the back, so if you also use nails and duct tape… no one will know. Unless you blog about it, then you have to own up to it.

Hanging it was also super simple, I just nailed in two nails into the wall, taking care to put them at the right angle. The top one will be in the corner of the frame (if it’s at an angle) but the bottom one does not need to be in the corner, just make sure you get the angle you want.

The riffraff holds claw clips perfectly. Only problem is now they are out of Christopher’s reach and it was so cute when they came and growled at me.

The clips simple attach to the ribbons. Natalia is one loved girl. The top clip in this picture was made by her aunt and the green, blue and green one was made by Kyle from Like The Rain. After I told her “I love green, turquoise, brown, and raw edges. Perfect no?

Do you have any practical things that serve dual purpose as decoration? How do you store clippies?

Simplify Your Family Life Bundle E-book Sale

What do the following books have in common?

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The Everything Beans Book
Real Food, Real Easy

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*This post does include affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for your support! 

Mommyland Monday – Fashion Inspiration

Are you tired of wearing boring outfits… and just blending in? Well, I have just the thing for you! Today the handsome Christopher and the beautiful Pumpkin have joined forces to share with you some of their BEST fashion inspiration. 

Thank you Justyn, from Creative Christian Mama, for sending over pictures of Pumpkin!

I’ve put this one up here before, but it bares repeating.
Anyone remember doing this?

He’s got his motorcycle helmet, backpack, and coat. He is ready to go. 
Mommy, I did my hair!
In case you can’t tell, that’s a dress. Christopher has his feet through the arm holes. He’s been experimenting with trying to get himself dressed lately.
And one on the thumb… just for good measure.
He told us he looked like daddy.
And last, but not least, my two favorite!

Inspired? I am!

Next Week:
Luxury: Before and After Becoming a Mom 

Rules I NEVER Thought I’d Have To Make

I remember it very clearly, Christopher and I were sitting in his nursery, rocking in his chair… when he leaned in and bit my nose. “You may not bite my nose.” I said, feeling a bit shocked. It just never entered my head when I thought of being a mom that I’d have to tell my kid that. Well, the rules have only gotten crazier. I hope you enjoy these list of rules a few other moms and I never thought we’d have to make.

Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents to her 2 year old Annie:

“Annie, I’ve told you a million times: stop drinking your bath water!”

“Annie, don’t lick your toes.”
It’s rules like these that makes me wonder why kids have hard times eating the meals we prepare for them sometimes. 
“Stop picking your nose, Booger!”
 (Her pet name is booger.) 

Sammie to her 19 month old Isadora:

“No!  We do not brush our hair with the pizza cutter! “

Carla to her potty training 2 year old:

“No peeing on it and no falling off”

He was sitting on our rocking foot rest. 

Jennifer from Vibrant. Sexy. Strong. 

“You can’t eat your seaweed until after you’ve eaten your meat.”

I’ve never eaten seaweed, but this makes me want to try it. I LOVE meat.

Kelly from Finding Joy in the Journey

“Don’t lick the dog.”

I just can’t help but wonder… why?

Amy (my sister whose lovely kids help me with Mommyland Monday a lot :D) 

“No picking your nose with your zipper.” 

I always wondered why they had those stiff ends. 

No, you may NOT pee on the couch in your underwear.”

Her daughter had told her that she did not need to go sit on the potty because “I’ll just pee in my underwear on the couch”

No swinging from the dining room table on a bungy cord attached to the door frame. 

From Jennifer M. : 

“Don’t lick the freezer.”

“Don’t poke the beehive or wash nest with a stick.”

“Don’t hide in the dryer and scare your mother.”

“No toy mice allowed in the silverware drawer- they scare Mom.”

“Do not wake your Dad up by putting headphones on his ears and turning the radio volume up to maximum.”

I could so totally my siblings and I doing this to dad a few years ago. 

From my Mom:

“No Reuben, you may not pull your sister’s hair just because you are tired.”

And last, but not least, some rules we’ve had to make around here:

“No squishing tomatoes into your hair”

“No swaddling Natalia’s head in the towel”

“Do not touch her, do not kick her either”

“No biting my foot”

“No biting my nose”

“No biting my hair”

“No biting your sister”

“No biting your brothers hair”

“No eating paper”

“No taking moldy bread from the trash can and eating it.”

“Do not throw cell phones away.”

“Do not sit on your sister.”

Thanks for all who shared their crazy rules with me! 

Next week:
Thanks for the Fashion Inspiration!
If you have a photo to share for this, I’d love to see it. E-mail me at littledebbienot(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. LOL So cute!!

  2. My favorite was when we caught ourselves telling our toddler – “You may NOT get down from the table until you finish your cookie.” I guess we’re just too used to prompting the kids to finish their meals.

  3. I was recently on the Candida diet (I’ve struggled with candida overgrowth for years but it got out of hand during my pregnancy) and am now on a full recovery program of probiotics/herbal supplements and restricted diet. I have felt much better other than severe die-off symptoms! I know that one sign of yeast overgrowth can be rashes anywhere on the body… just wondered if you’ve one much research in this area?

    • No, I haven’t but I plan to at some point soon. I’m beginning to wonder if I personally need to do it. I’ve had a lot of trouble with yeast infections (that gets mostly better if I’m eating lots of cultured dairy, but that is not an option right now.) The symptoms I’m having on our current elimination diet is similar to what it looks like when you have yeast die-off.

  4. I am sitting here laughing so hard that I am crying. Could be that it is after midnight and I am exhausted, but this is so great!! Thanks for writing this…it makes other moms feel like we aren’t the only crazy ones. :)