Utterances with Kids part 2

Update: I know the posts have been rather sparse the last couple weeks. Mark and I both got sick, and were out for about two weeks. We are better but right now a lot of my energy is going towards an elimination diet we started this week. Hopefully, I will start learning how to cook “elimination style” a little better and it be a little less draining, thus, leaving me with energy to post. I have been wanting to write “Beauty 2”, it’s been rattling in my head. But, for now, I truly hope you enjoy the rest of the funny little utterances with kids. 

Erin and her 2 year old, Teirnan:

Erin “B-U-S what does that spell?”
Teirnan “Oh, I don’t know. Ketchup?” 

My sister, Abby, at around three to me:

“Does Julia* (a rather plump friend) have a bigger tailbone then you”

*different name

My sister, Elizabeth, when she was pretty young. 

Elizabeth was drawing an elephant.

Mom- “That is a nice elephant, but why does it have six legs?”
Elizabeth- “Because it is six feet tall.”

From Danielle Tate, author of More then Four Walls:

Her brother (then four) had gotten into something he was not supposed to. 

“It wasn’t me, It was The Bad Terry”

She says “The Bad Terry, surfaced mysteriously for about a month and then never came back.”

From a little girl I was a counselor at a camp to several years ago:

‎”Does God put the baby in the mommy’s tummy or just drop it in there?”

And, last but not least, a few more from around here. Christopher does not talk much, but we still have some pretty 
hilarious conversations.

I was trying to read to Christopher and Natalia before bedtime. They started getting a little rowdy, but weren’t too bad… yet.

Me – “I would like to have a quiet reading time with my family”
Christopher and Natalia – *immediately started flailing arms, shaking heads, jumping about* AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Christopher was struggling to eat his french toast because I had not cut it. He handed it back to me and asked me to “owww” it. 


Christopher – *pointing to the floor and demanding* Get down! Get down!
Me – “You do NOT speak to me like that, now try again nicely” 
Christopher – *dancing and and in a soft sing-song voice* “get down plaa ease.”


Christopher – *points his duplox gun at me* BWOO! BOOM! BWOO! BWOO!
Mark – “Christopher do not shoot your mommy. Actually, do not shoot people, you can shoot anything else. Even imaginary bad guys”
Christopher – *pauses for a second, timidly points his gun back at me and says barely audibly* “bue… bue… bue”


Christopher – *sees Mark coming home* DAD! AH HA HA HA *squeal*
Natalia – *stops nursing* DA *imitates Christopher’s squeal*


Mark- *trying to get Christopher to say “chip”* “What are these?”
Christopher- “YUMMY!”


Me – ‎”Christopher do you want another little sister?” 
Christopher – “Yeah”
Me – “How many?” 
Christopher – “9”


Me – “would you like a little brother” 
*Christopher looks confused* 
Me – “They’re like little sisters but instead of putting bows in their hair (something he likes doing) you throw balls at them.” 
Christopher *very excited* “YEAH!”


Natalia had just fallen asleep.

Christopher- “shhh”

Me – “Yeah, Natalia is asleep”
Christopher- *agreeing* “shhh”
Me- “So we should be quiet for her.”
C – *yells* “YEAH!!”

NEXT WEEK: Rules I NEVER Thought I’d Have To Make

If you have a crazy “rule” you’ve had to tell your kids, that you’d like to share please e-mail me at littledebbienot(at)gmail(dot)com


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