Mommyland Monday- Natalia’s First Year

Yesterday we celebrated Natalia’s first birthday. My how quickly it goes by. I have now had a daughter for a year. What an honor it is to be this little girls mom. 

Today I would like to share with you some of Natalia’s first year. I was a little hesitant to do this because I was not sure who would enjoy it, but I love posts that let me get to know a bit more about the author BEHIND the post, and their family. Besides I want to celebrate her first year with you. So, please enjoy some of our memories from Natalia’s first year.
Mother’s day 2011.
Beautiful Natalia is minutes old.
So, that is what beauty is.
Best thing about a homebirth- Christopher was in there within a couple minutes and we were sitting on our bed as he got to meet “baby!”
And then there were four.

I made Natalia a TON of clothes before she was born. This is the first one she got to wear.
Getting to snuggle two kids is priceless. As is that woven wrap!
Cousin Zara likes Natalia a lot. 

Grammy giving Natalia a sunbath.

Taking a walk as a family.
Christopher attempting to swaddle Natalia.
Natalia’s first road trip. We went down to Missouri then to Arkansas for me to be the Matron of Honor at my best friend’s wedding. We thought we’d get a picture of the cousins. 
Natalia attends her first ever wedding. Poor Mark got “gooed” on by all the passing ladies.


Yeah, they’re pretty adorable.


Bubbles, plaid, and giraffes.


Some of my favorite memories growing up was my mother reading to us. Here I am reading Pride and Prejudice to Natalia.

Little sisters are fun.
Natalia playing with the Raggedy Ann doll my Nana made me.

Pretty much just because I could. It did not last long.

What the space between snaps is for.

Bubbles, hearts, and owls.
Natalia wearing an a shirt from one friend, a skirt from another, socks from another, a hair clip from her aunt, and laying on a quilt made for her by her Great Nana. Surrounded with love!
Praising the Lord.
Natalia put Mark to sleep!

Brother and sister.

No, they are not twins. They are second cousins, and 3 months apart.
Natalia’s first wedding shower. (Photo by drea of white stables)

Natalia meets her first doll. It was love at first sight.
Natalia fell asleep with her face in a cup. 

(Photo by drea of white stables)  

Loving Uncle Reuben!
Playing with Mommy and Christopher.
Natalia with her Great Grandma Gay.

She is gorgeous!
Loving having a little girl!
Nothing quite like mommy when you are sick. We spend a week doing this.

When Christopher does our hair!

When no one does her hair… and she has sweet potatoes and ribs with blueberry bbq for dinner.


Caught again.
Happy Easter….
She has such a bubbly personality.
It can exhaust her sometimes.
Getting ready for Church!

Natalia LOVES cousin Nadia. We have to keep a close eye on her.
My big one year old!
Happy Birthday Natalia!

Natalia, meet sugar. Lots of sugar.
Natalia approves of cake and ice cream.

Opening presents.
Happy Birthday Natalia! You are such a precious little girl, and it is such an honor to be your mom. I pray that you continue to bring joy to people with that bubbly attitude and huge smile, and as you get older your way of blessing will turn from an adorable, but simple. smile to sacrificial love.