Super Simple Mop Pads – Upcycled Prefold

A couple of weeks ago Mark was sorting clothes for me before I folded them. After getting over the mental block that he was doing it WRONG by separating the clothes BEFORE they were folded instead of during. I realized that it really was quite helpful. A few of his sortings were rather humorous though. The mop pad to the my Orange Glow mop, ended up with my diapers. It is after all basically a long piece of microfiber. It got me thinking… diapers… mop pads. The next morning I dug some large prefolds out of my “go to goodwill” pile and several weeks later *cough* took the 5 minutes to turn one into a mop pad.

Now I should mop my floor… I found a mop for about $0.25 at the Goodwill outlet, and now I have a pad, but can have more in a matter of minutes. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE my wooden floors and grey tiles in the kitchen? They hide dirt SOOO well. Natalia does not, but she is easier to wash. But, it’s time. They need it.

You could do the same basic idea with a towel, but if it’s not microfiber you might want to increase the absorbency by sewing a strip of microfiber (such as an old microfiber insert) down the center. There are more attractive ways of doing this, but this was super super simple. I like to sew pretty dresses, but I could care less what my mop pads look like.

Mop Pads

You will need:

  • a large prefold, an old towel, an old microfiber towel, and maybe a microfiber insert.
  • two snaps, a two bits of Velcro, or two ties 
What you do:
Cut the towel or prefold to size. You want it two inches longer then your mop (one inch on each side) the picture below is of it uncut. This prefold was just the perfect width to fold over the mop and have the edges overlap by a bit. You might have to trim a bit more if you are using an old towel.

If you want microfiber at the bottom sew a strip of it down the center the width of the mop. Once again the prefolds were perfect for this, because the absorbent center was the width of the mop.

Fold what will be the top of the pad over and sew along the edges. I just did a zigzag stitch to edge it.

Add two snaps, or two squares of velcro, so that you can keep the two top flaps together once you put it on your mop.

Mopping Tip

No, I do not mop very often, but this is my biggest mopping tip. You get creative when you dislike something SOOO much. Skip the bucket and go for a spray bottle of some vinegar and water. You can add essential oils to cover up the smell of the vinegar. Spray a large area (it takes a couple seconds) then mop that area. That way you won’t be using 10 times more water then you need, making it a bigger and nastier job then necessary.

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Mommyland Monday – Ten Signs There Just Might Be Toddler Near by

10. You find yourself wearing a laundry basket on your head and repeatedly running into a tree branch.
9. Your dorky attempts at humor are considered the finest quality of comedy.
8. There is a bite out of your bar of soap.
7. Blowing in a slide whistle produces no sound because it is stuffed with leaves.
6. After a bang you go into freeze mode waiting for the next sound, and then run to see what happened anyway.

5. There are fingerprints on your window and in your butter.
4. Everything is either something to throw, ride on, stand on, or turn into a weapon (at least for a boy).
3. You look under you couch when you are missing a pot. 
2. Silence is scary. Laughter is more so.
and the number 1 clue there MIGHT be a toddler nearby is…
1. You hear your level minded husband calmly say “No, that is not dinner. That is poo”
For the record he was telling Mark it had been dinner. Mark was just confused. 

Have a lovely day, and God bless. What are some signs you can share that there is a toddler nearby?

Over the next few weeks I want to do:
“Ten Signs There is Mobile Baby Around”
“Ten Signs There is a Newborn In The House” 
“Ten Signs You’re a Mom”

 But, I need some ideas! If you have some you’d like to share, e-mail it to me at debra(at), or use the contact me page. Either a one liner or a photo. Any that I choose to use will be credited of course, so give me your blog (if applicable) info. 

Thanks! I love reading contributions to Mommyland Monday from you. They always make me smile. 


  1. You look under the couch. LOL Been there!!!

  2. I have nine children and have seen all of these. Another one is that you find someones books covered with shortening.

  3. I live with three toddlers and I rarely eat a meal without someone wanting to eat *my* food. Don’t they know Mama has to eat too??