Mommyland Monday- Ten Signs You Have A Baby

I love seeing the little things that show evidence that there are two little kids in the house. Last week I talked about 10 signs there was a toddler nearby, and today I am doing 10 signs you have a baby. Thanks to those who contributed! 
10. You are always stain treating tiny clothes in the butt area and your shirts in the chest area. 

9. When any baby or small child cries, your milk “lets down”. – Beth Worth, AKA Mamma Worth (my MIL)

8.  You’ve heard frustrated crying from the support bar of your chairs. 

7. When sleeping in a couple three-hour intervals becomes “a good night’s rest.” (from Alicia Gerrels)

6. When you return from a trip to the bathroom at a restaurant to see your husband looking a bit overwhelmed “I was gooed all over. There was a large group of ladies. I heard the “look at that baby” buzzes from 10 feet away” 

5. When you grab your purse at church and a stuffed elephant is peeking out of the top (from Diana from Saving by Making)

4. You’ve had the following conversation with your husband “can you wash him/her” “sure, but first I need a hose” 

3. Your toddler offers to help by “I nurse sus”

2. The verse “At midnight I rise to praise you” (Psalm 119:62) has a new meaning.

And the number one sign you might have a baby is… 

1. You can relate to the following poem:

Snot, slobber, pee, and poo
That’s what she will do
Get bodily fluids everywhere
But she’s so cute! We don’t care!

Natalia wearing a special white dress for the benefit of her grandparents.


  1. HA! I love the picture of your little one under the chair. :-)