10 Signs You’re a Mom

A Change in Mommyland Monday 
I love doing Mommyland Monday! I hope I’m not the only one who laughs at them. Once a week is a bit much though, it’s hard to come up with funnies related to being a mother that often. Every three or four of them are ones I really like. Other times they can get strained, as I am sure you can tell. That is not fun, for me or you. From now on it will be the first Monday of the month.

Taking care of little kids is one of the most amazing jobs out there! Though often tiring! I love the little reminders that I am a mom! Here are some. 

1. People are amazed at your one arm services – Amy E.

2. The weird things your mom did, such as yell at you when you followed her into the bathroom to ask a question and emerge from the perfectly quiet house 15 minutes after she sent you and your siblings to the car, make sense.

3. You no longer know how to raise perfect kids.


5. Your daily ponderings have ventured from “what should I do when I grow up?” to “Why did he wrap a washcloth around his foot before he put his shoe on… isn’t that uncomfortable?”

6. You know you are inspiring because you find your daughter wearing a bra around her waist and pretending to cook with a spoon and cup.

7. You find your toothbrush between cushions in your couch, and don’t even think it is weird.

8. You’ve ever googled “can large amounts of rennet be toxic” or some other such thing.

9. You consider showering or a grocery trip to the store alone a mini vacation – Ashfield May

10. Your days to-do list includes “shift wheat berries out of salt.”

What about you, what are some signs your a mom?


  1. Nishoni Harvey says:

    Your sheet is “painted” with nail polish. You find yourself saying (a lot), “She dressed herself today.” You find a stuffed animal in the fridge (was that one of the kids, or was it me having a Mommy Brain moment…?). You smile when your house is FINALLY clean, but sigh because so far the track record for it staying that way is something like 4.73 seconds. You understand that da-da can mean “down, up, more, by by, hi, mine, kiss, drink, and …”, and you can decipher the difference each time. You know that “I pay on da my cuddle” means your 2 year old wants to play in the mud puddle. And… when a hot bath, a book , and a bowl of ice cream after the kids are asleep is heaven on earth.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You find yourself rocking the shipping cart back and forth – and you’re at the store alone!