Cleaning Velcro – Easily and Quickly (as in a few seconds)

Hurry! Go grab all those kid shoes, backpacks, cloth diapers, and car seats that are full of velcro! I am going to show you how to clean them. Quickly and easily. According to you can use tweezers or just your finger tips to pull everything out. Umm… no thank you! I have other things to do then sit there for 5 minutes per item pulling out fibers from velcro. If there is one string caught, that is the quicker way. But what self respecting piece of velcro would only pick up a few strings?

Cleaning velcro, quickly and easily. 

1. Here’s the problem. Those fibers are stuck in their well. You can’t exactly wipe them off. So then comes my secret weapon….


Sort of like a detangler. Don’t worry though you won’t get oil everywhere. You just need a tiny little bit.  You can use any oil. I happened to use organic extra virgin olive oil. That’s what happens to nasty oil around here. Newman’s Own you’ve been degraded to soap, lotions, and cleaning velcro. The oil will loosen up the fibers, making getting them out a breeze.

Put a few drops on the effected area and work it in. That velcro is then much more willing to be seperated from it’s plunder.

2. Now all the fibers are super loose, but they are still out of finger reach. Use a fork to scrap them down, gathering them all in one place and making them stick out. (This really only takes a few seconds)

3. Now you can pull them out.


4. Use something to dab out any excess oil. Dab don’t rub, or you will be repeating from step one.

I no longer fear velcro.


  1. Thank you. I really don’t like velcro because I can never get it totally clean. I will be trying this.