Gratefully Accepting the Gift of Rest

Today (as soon as I am done writing this) I am attempting to do my personally HARDEST task! Rest. Even that word gives me the heeby geebies. I “did” it yesterday, and ended up tackling my 5,507 unread e-mails inbox. I get sitting down and resting confused.

So, until Mark gets home I am ignoring my nine chickens that need to get cut up, the laundry that needs to be done from last week, and the 6 heads of cabbage begging to be made into sauerkraut. I know for fact that I would be able to do more, if I actually truly rested. Now, that’s even an argument that makes me happy. I could do more! Just leave off the end “if I rested more.”

The list of tasks to do never ends as a mom and homemaker. There is always something that can be done. That even feels like it needs to be done. Even when you finish up your last load of laundry your daughter will wake up 30 minutes later, having had a blow out on her newly made bed (this happened last week!) Even when you finish your dishes, there will be dishes in the fridge just waiting to encroach upon your clean counter. As you write about rest your daughter will get a hold of sandpaper and start sanding your wood floor (it took about 10 seconds). There will always be something that could stand some more organizing. There will always be something.

The difference between laziness and resting

There is a huge difference between laziness and resting, yet they are often confused. Ask anyone “how have you been?” and they better say “oh, busy busy busy!” Otherwise, well they just might be looked down on. What crazy person would say “oh I am doing great! I had a busy week, so today I am focused on resting”? Proper rest is vital, I say that from someone who too often has seen the results of NOT resting.

When I do not properly rest, I am extremely tempted to be lazy. Where as if I was properly rested, and managed my time well I could get things done. Then I could rest. Laziness often is a mix and match of rest and work when you do not distinguish between the too. You are tired of working because you have not rested, but you refuse to rest because you have so much to do because you did not accomplish much during a time of working. So you sit around distracting yourself. Not resting, and not working. Resting is doing something.

Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

Rest is a beautiful thing really. Even though it gives me the heeby geebies talking about it, I know it is. It is a gift. A God given gift. Yet, with all gifts, we must accept it. While I do not think we are required to keep a Sabbath or Lord’s day, I can personally give testimony of the difference between  accepting a day of rest, and not. I tend to get sick a lot and almost every single time, I get sick on Monday. The Monday after a busy weekend. I had a busy week, then a busy Saturday, then I did not rest properly on Sunday. Then Monday comes around, the start of a new week, and the day I am supposed to do my laundry and usually do any dishes that got dirty on Sunday. I rarely have any food prepared because we ate any leftovers over the weekend. I am faced with the need of rest, because I am exhausted, and the need to accomplish to get the week off right. When I can not get much done on Monday because I did not properly rest on Sunday, my whole week is off. I can neither properly rest, in the evening and after 6 days of work, or work because I am exhausted.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Resting takes intention. Often when I think of rest, I think of accomplishing nothing. Doing nothing, and it is a hard pill to swallow for me. Why would I want to do nothing. Nothing is a bottomless pit of… nothing. Think about it, it’s a pretty serious word. But, that is not true. Rest is a gift, given from God, as a beautiful thing in his presence. It comes from God and is as far away from nothing as you can get. God does not give us nothing as gifts. He gives us the best gifts ever. The gift of life. The gift of salvation. The gift of rest. Ect. ect.

It is surrendering. Giving of yourself. We need to GO to God, and accept the offer to give it to him.  Open up our arms and allow him to take all those things we feel the need to carry around with us everywhere. It is not so much us laying it down, as letting it go.

Go to GOD All Who Need Rest

I recently read Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. The whole book was amazing, but one of the most impacting things I read in it was where she gave signs of needing more “living room time”. Living room time was the description she gave to “sitting at the feet of Jesus” fellowshipping with Him. One sign really hit home “quietness makes you nervous” you go into a quiet room and immediately you turn on the radio, a movie, anything to turn away the quietness. The peace. I honestly avoid quiet. I will stay up late on the computer or watching a movie in lieu of going to bed. I prefer it. Bed is quiet.

Where do I go when I am tired and weary? I go for the distractions. I do not go to God. I go to the facebook. The hulu. The amazon instant watch. The novel. The radio drama. Anything to distract me. Rather then going to God and getting rest from all those little things that call my name I go for distractions. Something that will captivate my attention more then all the things I need to get down. I do not lay it in the feet of Jesus. I stick my fingers in my ears and say “la la la la la I can’t hear you!!!!” to all those little tasks. What does that mean? I idolize distractions because I put them in the place of God. I do not go to God when I am weary, I go to media, to books, to tasks that involve sitting. I choose active ignoring instead of beautiful rest.

A Time to Work and a Time To Rest

For everything there is a time. A time to work, and a time to rest. I need to do better at both. I often get so frustrated when people chastise my lack of resting because I look at my house and I see all the things I have not done. I feel unaccomplished. Honestly, I struggle with both working and resting. Working to get things done so I can rest. Working during the day, then RESTING (truly resting, not watching a movie late into the night *cough*) in the evening and at night. Working during the week, then resting for a day. Instead I have a mingled mess of laziness and busy work. I do not set aside time for either work or rest. But, I need to.

Gratefully Accepting Rest

Here is a challenge for you, and for me. Choose rest. When you are tired go to God. Do not distract yourself, rest. Rest in Him. Today since I am so tired, I will be choosing rest. I am exhausted. I am weary. I need rest. I need to go to God. To truly thank him for rest, and to  gratefully accept it.

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  1. Wonderful post! All too often I crash from not resting and always trying to do the next thing.

  2. So true that giving in to laziness is much easier when not properly rested. Thanks for the reminder to truly rest!

  3. Love this post!! Being in my first trimester of our first baby, tiredness and queasiness hit me full blown! So I have had to learn that’s it okay to rest on the couch sometimes. I am not very good at it lol. Thank you so much!!


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