Real Food Simplified- Cutting Up Whole Chickens

Chicken breasts cut up and ready to be
divided into meal size portions and

I love roasted chicken, but when we roast a whole chicken we eat 3/4 of a whole chicken in one meal and then Mark polishes off the rest the next day for lunch. That can get pretty expensive when you are buying local pastured chickens. There are many suggestions out there on whole to stretch a whole chicken. Many of them involve cooking the chicken, taking the meat off the bones and using the various meat for several meals. I think that is a great idea, but it’s fairly limited. I love breast meat, tenderloins, wingettes so I want to eat them, while keeping within budget. So, I primarily stretch my chickens another way. I buy several fresh chickens (5-10) at a time, and cut them into all those fantastic prime cuts of meat, breasts, tenderloins, wings, legs, without paying a wing and a leg. I can usually get just under three meals per chicken I buy, plus stock. Not bad, especially since it means I get cuts of meat which can cost $9 a pound if you want anything better then battery chickens. 

A lot of farmers sell chickens a little less per pound if you pick up on butchering day, so if you do not already do it that way you should look into it.

Below is a video showing how to cut up and freeze a chicken into various cuts. Hope you enjoy!

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