Real Food Simplified- Cutting Up a Pineapple into Chunks and Rings

Sorry for the lack of post last week. As simple as making lacto-fermented pickles is, I guess taping it is not. I taped it 3 times, then ran out of cucumbers and still had nothing to show for it as far as footage went. Then I was going to tape me making sauerkraut…. but ended up doing up cutting part of my nail off. At that point I decided it was not worth it. I was emotionally done for the day. But, now I’m back (even if my nail is not).

Today at Aldis they had whole pineapples for just over a dollar. I picked up four. One we will eat fresh, two I will freeze in chunks for smoothies, and another will be made into pineapple ring pancakes. Fresh pineapple is leaps and bonds more flavorful, and healthful, then canned varieties. Sadly, fresh pineapple looks like it might be hard to cut up, so is avoided by some. But, fear not it is actually very easy to cut up. Today I have a video to show you how to cut it up. Both in chunks, and in rings. You can also put the chunks of pineapple into a food processor for crushed pineapple.

For those wondering “lop” is a technical term :D.

With those peels consider doing this recipe for an oil cleanse blend with the benefits of pineapple from Modern Alternative Mama.  I have some peels in the freezer waiting until I get some avocado oil. You can also put them into water to make a pineapple flavored water, but since these were not organic, I am not sure I feel comfortable with that.