A Look into my Last Couple of Weeks, and a Unique Look Into What a Homemaker Does

A few weeks ago I disappeared from the blog without an explanation. If you are part of my facebook page, you know that it was due to poison ivy. I have never been knocked off my feet more then that poison ivy got me. First it got in my eye and partially swelled it shut. It did not get bad, but definitely made it harder to be motivated because I was tired. That got better quickly, and other then not sleeping at night I was doing pretty good…. until I scratched. I had run out of anti-itch cream and was in the hot car. I started and did not stop. That led to quite a few tears, then the next day my ankles were swollen and I couldn’t walk without pretty extreme pain. It was the worst pain I have ever felt outside of childbirth.

I started taking benedryl at that point and so in addition to not being able to walk, I was incredibly groggy. I went to the doctor for the first time in two years, and was given a cortison shot and  steroids. They helped some, and I had a good day, then my poison ivy started spreading like crazy. I had new spots everywhere. That led to a week of my being on benedryl, and though able to walk my ankles still hurt. I was so out of it! Then I got a pretty nasty cold while my husband was on a weekend business trip. Thankfully my brother was with me at that time. Between me being so out of it, and Mark having two of his three busiest weeks at work during that time the house went completely to pot. I had been getting fairly depressed in my roll as homemaker, but seeing what happened to my house once I “woke up” from getting off benedryl I got a unique view of just how important a homemaker is, and how much I do.

After the swelling went down.
2 weeks into round 1 and 1 day into round 2.
This past week has been very long days of trying to catch up. I still am not, but am getting closer. I just need a couple more good night sleeps. Four weeks or being kept up by poison ivy (except one week of sleeping due to benedryl) can exhaust a person. 
My kitchen after the first 8 days of not being able to care for it. Once I began getting off the benedry and seeing how terrible it was I slowly began to work on it as I could, as did Mark.
So, now I have a unique answer to “What is homemaking” by seeing the opposite of it (a lot deeper then just a messy kitchen. One day we ate a variation of rice for all three meals!) What happens to a house without a keeper. I can truly say I hope that never happens to us again! Now if you excuse me. I have even more catching up to do. I hope by next week I will no longer feel like I am drowning. Thursday I will show a method for dominating mount laundry when it is discouragingly high. 


  1. I am so glad you’re feeling better, Debra! And we’re happy to have you back in the blogging world, too! :-)

  2. Oh, ow, Debra! I’d just gotten over my poison ivy — which wasn’t nearly as bad as yours but still awful. Just seeing your photos made me itch! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Poison ivy is awful!