Dominating Mount Laundry- Quickly and Efficiently

 In case you were wondering that ^ is what happens when you are sick and can not do laundry for a couple of weeks. And this was with two huge loads of clothes still being washed and dried.

Now, this is not that terribly overwhelming a pile of laundry, at least not for me who is used to doing laundry once a week, but it was 10 o’ clock at night and I sure did not want to wake up to that huge pile. The two loads of clothes still washing and drying would be plenty to worry about in the morning.

Usually when I do my laundry on Mondays I fold one of two ways, do it right away (usually taking no more then 10 minutes per load) or letting it pile up if I have a lot of other things I am doing that day, then tackling it while watching a movie. Obviously, I did not do the former, and the later one would lead to a couple hours of semi-work semi-relaxing. Which is kind of a terrible way to accomplish both… I decided to try and get it done as efficiently (read: quickly) as I possibly could, so I could get to bed. I was inspired by Creative Christian Mama’s post on cleaning a really dirty kitchen in which she dives in head first and gets it done in 23 minutes. I decided I would try and get my pile of clean clothes done in less then an hour. It took me 52 minutes.

So, how did I do that?

1) I decided to not sit down while folding, or watching a movie. I knew both of those would slow me down.

2) I sorted the unfolded clothes into piles. If your kids are asleep use the floor as having more room  is necessary since the piles will not be neatly folded. Sort into:

  • each person’s dresser clothes
  • clothes that needed to de-wrinkled in the dryer
  • hanging up clothes that were fine as is (everyone’s went into the same pile)
  • diapers
  • rags
  • wipes
  • kitchen items (towels, my PUL workmat, cheese cloth, napkins, washclothes, ect.)
  • washcloths 
  • all the socks
  • bed linens which need to be put on beds
Towels, blankets, and stored bed linens were folded as I got to them because of their size. 
This is actually a TON quicker then sorting while you are folding. It is the biggest thing that will make tackling a mountain of laundry take less time. 
This step took me about 12 minutes.
Yes, I used the floor. 
Clothes to hang up on the left clothes to de-wrinkle on the right.
3) Put the wrinkled clothes back into the dryer to fluff the wrinkles out. I did not do this step because there were still clothes in the dryer. Just pretend I did. 
4) Go around the couch folding all your piles. Grab each pile that you have on the floor, fold it, set it aside. Repeat. Match the socks. I do not bother folding:
  • underwear
  • rags
  • washclothes
  • diapers
Folding took about 20 minutes.
5) Get a small laundry basket and put all your piles that go into one room into it. Go put them away. Repeat.
  • I always bring the basket I store my diapers in to the pile of unfolded diapers and set them in neatly. 
  • When you go into the bedrooms grab the hangers you need.
6) Grab your de-wrinkled clothes from the dryer. 
7) Hang up all of your clothes and put them away. 
Putting away was another 20 minutes.
For the fun of it, I took pictures every ten minutes to show the progress. The first 10-20 minutes look WORSE then starting though. 
Starting (yes, I have a few folded clothes. I started before I thought to time myself)

10 Minutes… this looks like a trashed rooms, but
those really are piles.

20 minutes, some of the piles are folded.
30 minutes, it actually looks like I am making progress.
40 minutes

52 minutes. All done but the clothes I could not put
in the dryer. I even picked up the random cup and
jar rings on the floor.