Breakfast is Waiting

Today I would like to talk about breakfast. You know, the most important meal of the day?

I do not know about you, but I wake up every morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to make a big breakfast. We love our breakfast of hash browns, pancakes, eggs, sausage, and bacon. Even though we have it several times a week…

Well. Maybe not. Now that you have seen this picture of me, I hope we are forever friends. I’d hate to be blackmailed with it.

I used to be a morning person, waking up at 4, 5, or 6. Then I had kids. My three year old does not even sleep through the night and I have struggled with not sleeping soundly for a couple years now. Mornings can be are rough here. Honestly, Mark often goes to work with nothing but fruit for breakfast (which he is fine with, but I prefer to not happen).

A good solution? Make breakfast ahead of time. In the evening when you feel like a human being. It is easier to cook when you feel like a human being.


photo by michaelaw

Porridge is a very easy food to cook in the crock pot overnight. Throw the ingredients in the crock pot and wake up to a hot meal. 

All you need is:
1 PART Whole, or mostly whole, grains (steel cut oats, brown rice, quinoa*, amaranth, millet, ect.)
4 PARTS liquid other then milk, or 3 for brown rice
A bit of salt
Optional: Flavorings such as zest, pureed pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices, blueberries, ect.

Cook for 8 hours on low.

The next morning add butter, milk, sugar, dried fruit, ect.

Do not try this with white rice or rolled oats. Unless mush is what you are going for.

*Soak the quinoa ahead of time for at least five minutes, then drain and rinse. It has a bitter coating that soaks off, but is HORRID cooked into it. 


Breads make a filling breakfast. Add some bacon, sausage, or eggs if you need some more protein. Not to the bread… to your breakfast. I don’t want some husband haunting me down because their wife fixed scrambled eggs stuffed cinnamon rolls per my suggestion. 

I give instructions on how to make an overnight breakfast pastry here.

Stacy Makes Cents has instructions for Whole Wheat Freezer Biscuits, and Overnight Cinnamon Rolls. I have not made the rolls, but I know the biscuits are DELICIOUS.

Muffins freeze well, so make a batch of your favorite ones and freeze them.

Homemade bread makes a GREAT breakfast. Just slather on a little butter. And serve with bacon because you can.


If you have an oven that you can set to turn on, and off, you can have baked potatoes waiting for you in the morning. Simply scrub and prick them like you normally would, then put them in the oven, and set the oven to cook for one hour at 350 ending a little before you get up. You might need to adjust the time depending on the size of your potatoes. The next morning serve them with some sour cream, bacon and cheese or chop up and fry in a little butter and then add a few eggs to scramble with them. Sweet potatoes also work and tastes delicious mashed and served with granola on top.

Potatoes can also be cooked in a crockpot, but I prefer baked ones.

A few more to check out

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Now, if you will excuse me. I need to start some overnight porridge.
What are some of your favorite make ahead breakfasts?

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  1. Here is some encouragement from a mom who has been there. I am a morning person rising between 4 and 6 most mornings. When I had little ones I too started dreading mornings as none of my children slept through the night for years so I began just sleeping whenever they were.However, now they are all school aged and not just sleeping through the night but sleeping in and I me and mornings we get along again! Oh and thanks for the heads up on the freezer biscuits I am going to give them a try.

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I struggle to remember this is a SEASON.

      Looks like we were both featured in the same post at Money Saving Mom. Small (bloggy) world!

  2. We learned this when our children were young as they were not sleepers through the night either. I always guessed it was because the Lord held such excitement to meet each day so they just loved life and living so much they wanted all the time they could get with God at their side. I would make hot cereal in bowls, so all they had to do was get them out and heat them. Or I would make bread, they could top with what they wanted and heat it with a glass of milk. We put the milk in a smaller container so their small hands could handle pouring their own. It made them feel grown up to “fix” their breakfast. In the breads I would use vegetables pureed from the Vita Mix they never knew. For the hot cereals I would have on hand pureed fruit for them to add to their cereals or use on their breads. I found out early to give them healthy choices and they went along with it. Thanks for your post and the trip down memory lane.

  3. I make breakfast burritos and homemade Egg MackMuffins on the weekend, then wrap them individually and freeze them. Just defrost in the fridge overnight and heat in the morning. So easy even my son can do it!


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  3. […] with insomnia and having young kids means mornings can be rough around here. Because of this, I try to make breakfasts ahead of time. If you prefer cooking in the morning to evening though, utilize your crock pot for dinners. Cook […]