A Time To Reflect

A lot of dishes…

I love weekends that are full of life around here. This past one was definitely one of those. Our house was hopping with activity from Thursday night to Sunday morning. We try to have a clean house on Sunday, as it is a day of rest for us, but Saturday night we were fellowshipping with friends and playing games. When Saturday night clean up does not happen, we do so on Sunday’s after a day of rest. But, we were invited to friends and stayed until the kids turned into melt down professionals- a full 30 minutes past their bedtime, then went straight to bed ourselves as soon as we got home.

Truly it was a wonderful weekend! I still smile thinking of it.

Monday morning I woke up to a few days worth of pressing work, plus a pile of dishes. Sunday as I chose not do them in lieu of resting I felt they would be the bane of my existence.  But, I decided then and there I was not ABOUT to ruin a wonderful weekend. Those dishes were a pile of testimonies. Ones of a weekend brimming with fellowship.

I remember thinking it was crazy when I read in Outwitting Housework (a wonderful book! reading it was the first time I realized there was a method to keeping house)  that dishes could be relaxing. “What!” Then I read on, I can not quote exactly, unfortunately, but I saw she had a point. Warm water, suds, methodic running a rag across the dishes, a quiet and peaceful activity after the business of making dinner. Furthermore it is a testament to a fed family, and the good times over meals we had.

After reading that I saw dishes differently. I might not always remember to, but when I slow down and just enjoy I actually love dishes.

That morning as I did (most of) the dishes it was wonderful. Each dish reminded me of some laugh we had had. Something that had been said. Friends we got to see. Truly, it was a time to reflect and be grateful.



  1. Thank you for this post! I have always struggled with keeping a consistently tidy kitchen, and I’ve never considered dishes even remotely relaxing. Ever. Growing up, my mom always told us to look for something we can be joyful about, even in ugly situations. This is a beautiful example of a way that I can find joy in my dirty dishes. I’m going to approach my kitchen with a different attitude after dinner tonight. :)

  2. Part of keeping a kitchen is keeping the admonition and nurture of the Lord at the dinning table. Many lessons of God’s Word has been shared at the table while mixing up meals. Housework, keeping the home is what Titus 2:5 called an honorable duty of the woman in the home, honorable, wow. The Lord had taught me the joy of homemaking as unto Him. Having a home to clean no matter the condition of the timbers holding it up, is a blessing.

    We grew up without running water and had to haul it daily, in northern Illinois, during winter, this was a challenge. Running water and indoor plumbing is such a blessing, even when the pipes break, because that means we had indoor plumbing (after the pipes were fixed). The things ruined by the water, were a testament to earthly possessions. Things often do get replaced, sometimes not as soon as we would like, but as the Apostle said, a roof over your head, food in your tummy, a warm dry place to lay down at night is enough to get by in this world. It is always nicer to have more but to survive we do not need more.

    May we receive this day as unto the Lord, for He made it, dishes, dusting and all.