From Frame to Necklace Hanger

So, what happens when your son colors on a frame?

It gets re-purposed.

Turning a frame into a necklace holder is actually quite easily.

First I sanded it. I did not know about chalk paint at the time, so this is how I did it. If you do not want to sand then paint it with a mixture of 1 cup paint + 1 T unsanded grout. Well, those are the ratios you probably need about 1/4 cup paint. No sanding necessary then.

Use a ruler to mark even spots along the narrow edge of the frame, or the wide end if you are using an 11″ * 14″.

Put a tad bit of wood glue on the end of small hooks and screw them in.

Paint everything, hooks and all.

At that point you can just hang it… or you can choose to add a earring strip.


Ok, I guess I will tell you how I did this… but it is kind of embarrassing. I could think of no other way.

I braided three narrow strips of cloth, and finished the ends by wrapping them in heavily in wire. I needed a bit of wire because of how I attached them. I then hammered saw tooth hangers OVER the wrapped wire. A bit of banging with the hammer in the center of the saw tooth hangers, and the earring strip was secure. All I had to do then was trim the excess fabric. A little unorthodox, but I truly could not think of another way.

Lastly I distressed the frame with fine sand paper. Once again this would have gone better if I had used chalk paint.

Using another saw tooth hanger, I hung the holder, and then my necklaces and earrings.

Yes… I have two earrings without a mate on it… I have lost most of my jewelry in various moves.

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  1. Oooooh! I saw these on Pinterest! And I saw the ones where you use old door knobs and a piece of barn wood too.
    I spend entirely too much time on Pinterest….maybe Annie will color on one of my frames. LOL

    • She is probably too busy figuring out what WILL make her sticker stick. :D I was always drawing as a toddler, one time I told my mom I “blued” the pictures to the wall. After she discovered that meant “glued” she made sure I did not run out of tape again.

  2. I like this a lot! I don’t have a frame that needs re-purposing, but I do have lots of necklaces and trinkets that need to be organized! Thanks for the inspiration! (popping in from the weekend whatever link up)