October Feature: The Importance of First Information

Week 5 of the homemaking challenge, in which we will begin making a homemaking routine, will be live tomorrow. As I got back from a weekend trip at 11 last night, and am brain dead today I decided not to attempt to write and publish it. You’d rather an actual post to the mumblings of a tired lady, right? I thought so.  

But, do not worry. I still have an amazing post for you to read!

My best friend forever Kayla, has an amazing post on The Importance of “First Information” on her blog Renown and Crowned. She challenges you to be the source of first information for your kids. Because if we do not teach them, someone will.

I was a child once. I recall the hierarchy of authority. The first person to give me information was the one I trusted, and any information I received passed through the “filter” of the first information. If something was said to the contrary of what I’d already learned, obviously this “new” information was incorrect. Do you remember processing the world like that?
It’s easy to see the God-given trust little children have in the first source of information about this big world around them. How often, though, we as parents overlook this!

 She continues on to show us WHAT that First Imformation needs to be. Hint: it is not reading, writing, or arithmetic.

Head on over to her blog to read the rest, and be blessed and challenged. I know I was.