Keeping The Courtship- 25 Unplugged At Home Date Ideas

How is that for a title? Even with the tips I gave yesterday, sometimes going out is just not a possibility.

So, what do you do? You stay in and have a date after the kids go to bed. Almost all ideas I have seen for these involve some form of electronic media, that is fine-  we enjoy snuggling during a movie, but it is not very growing as a couple. So, today I am sharing some that are of the unplugged variety.

Just a little warning first- the best thing about at home dates with your spouse is privacy. So, while these ideas are all clean, many on the list are intended for married couples only.

My husband and I wrote a list intended for our eyes alone. Here is an edited version. :D

1) Make a pallet outside and snuggle under the stars talking. We usually put down a quilt we do not care about and then a very full comforter, a few pillows and another quilt to actually use as a blanket.

2) Play a favorite board or card game.

3) Do a couples devotion and pray together.

4) Play an intimate version of a favorite card game.

5) Make a love nest as soon as the kids fall asleep, and spend all evening in it.

6) Fix a treat together. We like steak tartar.

7) Eat a candle light dessert.

8) Read aloud to each other.

9) Come up with 10 whacky questions to ask your spouse through out the day. Then ask them while staring lovingly into each others eyes and quietly laughing so you will not wake up the kids.

10) Design your dream home. Make sure you have a large piece of paper (this was a suggestion from a friend)

11) Set the timer for 30 seconds (or longer) and tell a story going back and forth. Try and stump the other person in your 30 seconds :D.

12) Share some of your dreams. I am always surprised by the dreams I have always had that I just never thought to tell Mark, and vice versa.

13) Go through a name book (if pregnant, or want a good laugh).

14) Eat a late night picnic. I find I can wait until 8 to eat dinner for a good cause such as this.

15) [censored]

16) Build a tent/ fort. Tell stories inside it (maybe a little something else). Mark mentioned this one and I asked “isn’t that silly?” he said “yep. who cares” I promptly wanted to do it!

17) Build a fire and snuggle while watching it. Please use discretion with this one. If you do not have a fire hole or place- just skip it!

18) Play truth or dare.

19) Play mad libs. You can print off games from the internet before the date.

20) Work on a project of mutual interest. Recording music, photography, writing, picking raisins out of your salad with your tongue, whatever floats your boat. In fact, you could go float a boat in your bathtub…

21) Go back and forth sharing your favorite shared memories.

22) Dance. With the blinds closed.

23) Have a fashion show. Also with the blinds closed.

24) Find a long lost pantry item and try to turn it into something yummy. Computers are allowed for recipes.

25) Write a list of at home date night ideas you would like to do. In detail. Then hide it.

What are some at-home dates you enjoy? Unplugged or otherwise. Please share? 

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  1. We like taking a game and coming up with new ways to play it. Sometimes my hubby names the new games ridiculous things. :)

    • That sounds like fun! We have done that with a group of people, but never just the two of us. We went through a game combining stage, Monopoly Risk ect.