Let’s Play a Guessing Game {Mommyland Monday}

I know… it’s been a while. About a month. But, I have a good one for you today. It is a guessing game. Sort of like the classic “how many candies are in that jar?” but perhaps a little easier, and in my (humble) opinion far more fun.

Ok, are you ready?

*drumroll please*

*dum dum dum*

*more drumroll*

Get your thinking (and guessing) caps on!

On your mark!

Get set!


How many people are in this photo? 
hint: it’s NOT 4


  1. Congratulations! Very exciting to hear!

  2. I would guess at least 5…possibly 6 if you are doubly blessed! :-)

  3. 7 isn’t it?

  4. I think it is 5. Debra, Christopher, Natalia, Twins, and a cardboard cutout of Mark.

  5. FIVE!!!!! :-)

  6. I knew it! :)

  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, my guess is 6 =) CONGRATS!!!!! Sigh…I need another one badly…

  8. If I recall right, assuming Christopher’s guess was correct, the answer is 23

  9. Congratulations! Wonderful news!!

  10. :-) hugs!!!
    So happy for you!