Cream of Brown Rice Porridge

There is a special place in my heart for all “cream-of” porridges. Cream of wheat, malt-o-meal, and cream of rice porridge. I have never grown out of my love for their amazing creaminess. 

But, I wanted to be able to have them in a more nutritious manner then what you get from the boxes of instant versions I originally fell in love with.

One day I was making a roux with rice flour instead of wheat. I noticed that even though I was using flour, the mixture never did get very smooth. It reminded me of cream of rice. 

My mouth started watering at the memory. A few days later I tried making cream of rice with the brown rice flour. I stood over the stove for 45 minutes, stirring in more and more water as needed. Now, I do not love cream of rice that much.

It took over a year for me to try again. This time it was not 45 minutes of active work, but 5 minutes followed by 25 minutes of waiting. Not an instant breakfast by any means, but quality foods rarely are instant. They take time.

It was the best cream of rice porridge I had ever had! Made with raw milk, real butter, freshly ground brown rice, and no synthetic vitamin in site it was so much more nutritious. Real food. 

I freshly ground brown rice on my coarsest setting for the best nutrition and flavor, but you could probably use store bought rice flour. Then 2 cups of it in a dry pot and roasted it over medium heat, stirring, for about 3 minutes. This is an optional step, but it really brings out the flavor of the brown rice. Yum!

Next I stirred in 4 cups of water and 1/2 teaspoon of salt and brought it to a boil. 5 minutes of very frequent stirring later, it was starting to get thick.

I melted in 1/2 stick of butter…

Then slowly whisked in 4 cups of milk.

Snap on the lid and let it cook on medium low for about 25 minutes. Stir it every five minutes or so. When it is done it will be nice and thick, and very creamy. If it has a gritty texture, it needs to cook for longer.

We served ours with more milk, butter, and a drizzle each of honey and molasses.

Now: the most important part of this is eating it correctly. Each bite should have some of the thick porridge surrounded by butter, sweet milk. Don’t be tempted to stir it smoothly!

Little kids will go straight for the fixings. I remember doing this as a kid. But, that is because they are young and do not know better yet. :D