Overcoming Real Food Frustrations

A new year has begun and like most of us you may have some resolutions or goal for 2013. If you haven’t already, why not consider learning about or transitioning to real food? It’s not easy, there will be challenges but the benefits are well worth it.

 This month there are several real-food related challenges going on. A few of us have decided to join together and bring you another piece of the puzzle. We want you to see the real side of real food.

  real food frustrations

Conquering Real Food Frustrations
is a month-long look into our lives in the kitchen. We’ll share how we came to real food, how you can get started and how to handle real food in real life with family and friends who may not be totally sold on the idea.

You may be asking, what is real food anyway? Real food, or whole food as some call it, is food grown or raised in it’s natural environment. It is food prepared in the best possible way to give the most nutritional benefit. Many real foods are alive with beneficial enzymes, vitamins, nutrients and good bacteria. They are prepared cooked, raw, fermented and soaked.

 As you’ll soon see, eating real food does not mean you need an industrial size kitchen with the latest high-priced gadgets. Sometimes, it just a matter of how you prepare what you already love to eat.

Join us as we share our stories, tips, tricks and some recipes to inspire you, and each other, to Conquer Real Food Frustrations.

 Debra ~ Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes
 Justyn ~ Creative Christian Mama
 Sara ~ Your Thriving Family
 Danielle ~ More Than Four Walls


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