DIY Textured Family Silhouette

Yesterday, I showed you how to make a painted family silhouette. Today, it’s all about texture.

It all started when I saw this tutorial from Make The Best of Things on using tissue paper and hot glue to create a 3-d effect. I went a little bit wild doing that, than I decided to branch off a bit and make another silhouette using that technique. It was incredibly fun!

You will need:

  • Two paints, one dark and one light. I did off white and black. 
  • A piece of thin wood 1/4″ or so. I did it on a piece of cardboard… but that was a bad idea it caused me a lot of trouble in the long run.
  • Tissue Paper
  • Mod podge
  • A piece of chalk 
  • LOTS of hot glue.

 First you need to get your silhouette guide and transfer it to your piece of wood. I covered how to do that in this post.

Next comes the part where you fill in the people with hot glue, mod podge tissue paper onto it, and paint it.

I am not comfortable with giving full instructions because I did not come up with this method, and want to give full credit to the blogger that didPlease see this tutorial on the details of this technique.

Filling in the people with hot glue (not pictured).

Paper ripped.

Paper glued.

Paper wrapped behind and glued and first coat of paint applied.

Accent paint applied. That’s it folks!

I also wanted to show this version of the same technique, the only things different are I did multiple layers of the hot glue and I covered a entire frame, glass and all. First the wings, than the armor, than the shield, ect. It was for Mark’s Aunt who likes warrior angels.