GAPS Week 3 + Why I Am Choosing GAPS Over Anti-Candida Diet

Read our week one update and why we are doing GAPS here.

We have definitely seen differences since our first week on GAPS, most good. 

Natalia is thriving. She is much happier in general! Much, much, much happier. She had gotten to the point where everything, both big and small, made her almost cry in exasperation and she had a frown on more than a smile. I was getting so frustrated because I could see she was not feeling well but she could not tell me what was going on. Now she seems to have her usual cheerful disposition back! She is also much quicker and mischievous… I guess that is a result of feeling better in general.

Now just for the weather to get better so she can go outside more!

She has not been sick with sinus problems, cough, or cold for 4 weeks. A record, by far, for this winter. She was sick 4 or 5 times, for several days each time, between the end of November and mid-February. Which was weird because during this entire winter I got sick only once (with a cold) and Mark and Christopher did not get sick at all.

Her mouth is looking much better and the few times it broke out it was almost better again in a day or two. Much better than it taking a few weeks after a breakout for it to be mostly gone, and by than her having another bad breakout.

Mark has regressed, quite a bit. His first week saw such dramatic changes I guess this is fine, but it is discouraging. I was hoping we would be further along now, but we keep having to back up. His energy level is better over all though, so that is a good thing. He had a terrible headache Sunday, and I was reminded about my need to lay this before God. We prayed about GAPS and decided through prayer to do it, but at the same time I feel like God is telling me give it to me. 

I am feeling better… for the most part. I had trouble last week with energy level and anxiety. I decided on Sunday I would give it one more week from last Wednesday, and if I did not start feeling better I was going to stop so that I could do the cooking for Mark and Natalia. Now, I feel like I can keep going. I have seen improvement in some things especially with energy and coping level (while I am not thinking about all the things I am behind on!), but still have a lot of die-off going on.

Christopher is officially off. I mentioned two weeks ago that we were not going to keep Christopher to GAPS but since he was having die-off we would wait that out. He stopped with his symptoms (mainly bed wetting) and than less than two days later started having diarrhea for the first time in his life. Because restricted diets can be damaging for long periods I decided this was a sign to take him off. The next day he had food at a party and no diarrhea. Thankfully my Mom has agreed to make him some rolls for us to keep in the freezer for him.

Anti-Candida vs. GAPS 

After I was 90% sure many of my problems are caused by Candida Overgrowth with possibly a dairy and wheat intolerance thrown in there too, I started researching it more. I knew I would probably do GAPS instead of an anti-candida diet, but did not have much more of a reason than I knew GAPS could help with Candida overgrowth and we were already doing it.

After a bit of research here is my conclusion: anti-candida diets are designed to kill off yeast while GAPS focus is to heal the gut. If the gut is healthy (with lots of good gut flora!) than yeast can not thrive in it. If all the yeast is killed off, but the gut is unhealthy, than there is nothing really stopping it from coming back unless you stay on an anti-candida diet for the rest of your life. Obviously, that is a bit of a over-generalization but it is the basic idea.

Anti-candida diets look like they might kill of the yeast faster, but the emphasis is does not appear to be on healing the gut something I would need anyway if I want to get over my intolerances.

I am implementing a few anti-candida strategies and taking Apple Cider Vinegar and coconut oil (when I *cough* remember). I am not however going low-carb as I do not think that is wise for baby. I am trying to make sure I get plenty of fruit, a bit of honey, and vegetables.

Have you ever considered the GAPS diet? Have you ever done it?