The Most Important People

I recently un-published almost all my super old posts due to feeling they needed an update on writing, attitude, legality of photos (I did not do a lot of research before I began blogging) and structure.  But, I want to republish the ones that I felt had good things to say, with a lot more time and attention given to them. For this reason you might see posts you have read before filling in over the next few weeks and months. 

Everyday I see the most important people in my life.

Back when I said “I do” I made a covenant with man AND God to be Mark’s wife. I promised to be there for him, to raise his children, to be his lover and his helpmeet. Mark became the most important earthly relationship, my relationship with God the overall first.

A very wise woman told me once, or was it a million times, that “your ministry begins with my family”. I nodded and thought “Yep, the church is my family.” I leave ‘c’ lowercase on purpose because I considered serving in our local church building one of the most important things.

It took a long time and her telling me this many times for me to realize she meant “your ministry begins with your family”. Who would have thought?

It is the serving God has called me to, back when I said “I do”. Other relationships are important, but THE MOST important earthly relationships is my family.

Too often is it easy to slip into giving others my best. Why? Laziness and pride, at least for me. Pride tells us we must impress others. Laziness tells us it is just our family, the people we see every day. 

  • Keeping house
  • Cooking a nice meal
  • Dressing nicely
  • Sitting down for a chat
  • Giving of my time and energy

These are all things I often find easier to do for others than for Mark.

If you were to come to our house for dinner, our home would be fairly clean the dinner would (theoretically) be nice, and my kids would actually be dressed. I would prepare for you. That is not wrong! But often I do not give the same energy and care for the most important people in my life. 

Do the MOST IMPORTANT people in your life get your best?