Why We Are Doing GAPS – Natalia

GAPS is a temporary specialized diet designed to heal the gut. You can read about it here or my friend Justyn wrote a very great summary of it which really helped me take the plunge to start researching it more.

It takes out many things that can irritate an unhealthy gut. Many of the foods it removes:

  • Potatoes
  • Grains
  • Uncultured Dairy Products
  • Sugars, except honey (even natural ones)
  • ect. ect. ect.

Are not taken out because they are unhealthy, but because they can make an already unhealthy gut worse.

I am not going on GAPS because I think these foods are unhealthy, but after (finally) researching the diet I can see how they can be unhealthy for an unhealthy gut. I just want to make it clear because I have already received flack about it. We decided on this diet through a LOT of prayer.

The foods it allows are either not very harmful to an unhealthy gut, or are down right healing.

One of my personal hopes in doing GAPS is that I will be able to have those foods again without them causing issues for me. But, I am not talking about me today. I am talking about my 21 month old daughter.

The last two months  my daughter had a constant rash around her mouth, but also she was getting sick frequently when none of the rest of us were. She also had a few other problems I will get to.

I did not get a picture of her with the rash (other than mostly gone), this is today after it is almost 100% gone. It was not something I wanted to photograph. Almost everywhere I went people sighed over the “poor little girl with the chapped lips”. 

There is a LOT of history here. More than just a two month long rash… I can give a “brief” version.

Last year my happy baby girl stopped sleeping, she constantly scratched her chest and head, she had bad cradle cap, she was fussy, and whenever she nursed her arms and legs would jerk around she could not seem to relax. Then she got ear infections and everything she ate caused her face to break out in a red rash from where the food touched her skin.

We went on an elimination diet and within 3 days she was sleeping again, things could touch her face without getting a rash ect. She was intolerant to corn.

We took it out for the most part and she was fine, but when we had it she got a terrible diaper rash. The longest one lasted for four weeks of consistent effort to clear it up, and was bad enough I had to put band aids on the worse raw spots.

A few months ago she started having issues again. I am pretty sure it was related to us not eating well at all because of my morning sickness (and not avoiding corn as well as we should have).

We had to beef up our corn avoiding efforts more than ever before. She occasionally had the same symptoms like a year before trouble sleeping, itchy dry spots, and one day she woke up her previously clear scalp so covered in cradle cap it looked like someone had spread peanut butter on her scalp. If I remember correctly we had given her something we were not positive she could have.

I believe her system was so overloaded (like it had been before the elimination diet) that she was reacting to many things, or maybe she even has other sensitivities.

Two months of us working hard to try and get a rash to go away- it now is. Will it come back? I hope not! But for now, after cutting out even honey, we had previously cut out sugar for personal use, about a week ago and a couple days on GAPS, it is gone.

For that I am grateful and praise the Lord.

Update: Her mouth got a little dryer and redder through the day, but it is still vastly improved compared to normal. 


  1. Great news! It’s empowering to try things and find that they work :)

    • Yes it is! She reacted a bit to the food we had for breakfast and her face got a little irritated, but considering it is a great improvement for the last couple of months I am happy. I am beginning to wonder if she had eczema I did not realize until researching today that around the mouth was a common place.