Why We Are Doing GAPS

It took two years to finally decide to make the plunge to do GAPS/get our finances where we could do it. We really began wanting to do it last fall but it was impossible then.

We prayed about the decision a lot. I cried about it a lot.

We came to the conclusion to do it as a family. Mark actually made the final “let’s do it” call. We felt peace over the decision, but still I hated to make it. Maybe I am a bit of a baby, but I knew it would be hard.

Thankfully, we have seen improvement in all four of us, making me feel happier about the intensity of the diet and the struggle I have keeping some sort of budget while doing it.


Mark- Mark has had profuse watery diarrhea for over two years now. We have gone to doctors and tried an elimination diet in case it was caused by an intolerance. He stopped taking the Motrin he had been taking for years because of migraines (he also had less migraines when we stopped eating conventional dairy)- that helped for a while but not for long. He only drank filtered water- that helped for a while but stopped. Nothing has really helped. The only thing we found out concretely from blood work was he had a somewhat large amount of toxins.

Last few months he has been going 8-12 times a day, has had VERY little energy, and his headaches returned. He would be completely knocked out by the end of his work day and even could not handle that at least a few times a month.

One week on GAPS and he is down to 3-5 times a day.

Natalia- Has a corn intolerance and since November has been sick for up to a week or more 4-5 times. This seemed really weird since I was the only other one in our family to get a cold. She also has a rash around her mouth I am beginning to think might be eczema. Read more here.

After 2 days on GAPS it mostly disappeared and is still almost completely gone, she still scratches it though.

Me- I have had chronic constipation my entire life, and it is starting to get old. :D I did not even realize pooping was NOT supposed to hurt until I was an adult. I also have frequently upset stomach. Those are the reasons why I did the elimination diet.

I avoided wheat and dairy for a while (because I know those upset my stomach when I eat too much) but started reacting to GF oats, cultured dairy, sugar, rice and the months since then also have started reacting to millet, rye or just about any grain I have. Even sprouted breads.

I like to eat so, frustrated, I just tried to limit anything I felt would upset my stomach if I ate it too much. That definitely helped, but not completely.

A few months ago I went dairy, grain, and sugar (another thing I react to) free for a trial basis to see if I thought GAPS might help me. It was the first time I remember having that much energy, being regular, and not having an upset stomach, after feeling worse then I ever had the first two weeks! That sealed the deal for me. I was going to go on GAPS asap.

I want to be able to eat all of those things, and not have trouble, so I am hoping and praying that I can be healed through GAPS.

Many other symptoms I have (ear aches, unexplained stomachaches, yeast infections, pretty extreme fatigue and sugar crashes, sinus inflammation, anxiety, itching, coughing  ect.), which seem random and unconnected I recently found out can all be connected to Candida. So, I am thinking that might be the case for me. There are many anti-candida diets but from my research GAPS can help with it, and there is no way I am making three special diets if GAPS will help me!

I have felt worse on GAPS so far, but that is to be expected. That is a very common and is caused by die-off. My focus right now is on Natalia and Mark, especially Mark, so if I, the cook in this house, can not handle doing GAPS for them (especially since Mark has been feeling poorly due to die-off) I will be stopping and just focusing on helping them for now. But, I am praying that is not the case! This is the second specialized diet we have been on in a year and I want to be able to do it for all of us.

Christopher- Does not really need to do it, but when we were moving towards GAPS he started detoxing like crazy. He, who has always been dry through the night since potty training, has been wetting his bed every single night. Since that is a pretty common die-off reaction with kids we will at least be waiting it out before I let him have foods outside of GAPS.

One week in and he has not had trouble for a couple nights. Once that fully stops I will let him have snacks at church ect. just to make my life easier because there is no reason for him not to.

Have you ever considered doing GAPS? Why, or why not?