15 Minutes- An overwhelmed mommy strategy


Last Wednesday morning I woke up to a house in dramatic need of attention.
But, I was incredibly tired, and very overwhelmed. We had had a busy day the night before, and a late night as we worked on the house.  Despite that work there was so much that needed to be done.
I knew I needed to go work on dishes.
I knew I needed to work on laundry.
I knew I needed sweep the floor.
I knew I needed put away the broth sitting on the counter, start on dinner, and bath the kids.
I sat there on the couch, between all the laundry that needed putting away, knowing I needed to get to work, but with no energy or clear direction where to start. But, I knew sitting there was not going to be helping matters.
I decided on my 15 minutes strategy. I would set the timer and focus on one area- the kitchen and see all that I could get done. I ignored everything else that needed my attention, set the timer, and got to work.
The broth got put away, many dishes got washed, the container of chicken bones my husband forgot to put away got thrown away. The kitchen floor got swept.
I decided on 15 minutes more and got nearly all the dishes washed. (All that are pictured, plus I had put some away)
At the end of that my blog buttons still needed to be fixed, laundry needed to be put away, the kids needed a bath, and Natalia had excitedly brought in the potty chair she had just pooped in (she can take off her diaper…) But, I had gotten the dishes mostly done, and life just felt better.Ideally I would never have gotten behind to start out with, but life happens. Setting the time for 15 minutes, and focusing on one area, is one of my favorite ways of realizing I CAN take care of at least some of the stuff that needs to get done. 

Do you have an overwhelmed mommy strategy?


  1. sarah ertzberger says:

    That’s one of my cleaning strategies too, it gets so overwhelming sometimes and that not only get a good bit done but 9 times out of 10 that gets me motivated to do it again all throughout the house and thank you for letting me know I’m normal and not the only one who wakes up to my house being like this :-)

  2. Great strategy! I have been there so often. Hope I remember this next time! :)

  3. It’s nice to know we are not alone right?

  4. I get so much done when I do it. I usually check to see if I missed the timer :D

  5. I LOVE this strategy, it’s one of my absolute favorites, usually if I start by doing this when I see all that I got done in such a short amount of time I just keep on setting the timer over and over again, and most of the time I end up completing my “chore” list!!