5 Aspects of a Learner + An Annoucement

One of my biggest hopes for my children is that they will be learners. Yes, I want them to have have a general concept of history, geography, kings, queens, American politics, ect. when they graduate my biggest hope is not that they will know, but they will seek to know. That they will enjoy the process, and they will embrace it whole heartedly.

My husband and I have recently started trying to remember to ask each other what is something we have learned that day. He always has something brilliant to say. Sometimes in between changing poopy diapers, finding out at dinner time I forgot to feed one of my kids lunch, and washing dishes I forget to seek growth and learning. But, that little question reminds me of my love of learning.

I believe kids are born naturally inquisitive, but that fire of curiosity can be stoked or quenched (at least partially) by environment. One of the best ways for them to embrace learning is through Mark’s and my examples. The flame of curiosity can encourage another fire to begin. Like a candle igniting another.

Today I want to talk about 5 attributes of a learner. So we can remember, and embrace them, and so we can hand them down to our children- the next generation of leaders, voters, teachers, and parents.

While we tried to order these, they all overlap and can not be done without the other.

1. Listen.

Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser. Let those with understanding receive guidance Proverbs 1:5

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: James 1:19

I do not use the word “listen” as merely the physical action of hearing what another is saying, but to let it effect you and then to absorb what is true. Listening can happen through hearing another speak, reading, videos, nature- anywhere you can observe what is going on around you.

Do not just take someone’s word though- weight it against other sources especially the bible and through prayer.

2. Embrace your ignorance

Not embrace as in accept, but as in acknowledge. Don’t view ignorance as a bad thing. Recognize it for what it is- just not knowing. It is not bad, evil, a slight of your character, or a measurement of intelligence. It is is only a state which can be changed. But only in accepting where you are ignorant and resolving to change.

3. Let go of embarrassment/the concept of stupidity

The only way to overcome ignorance is to seek knowledge. Even if that knowledge is something you think you should already know. It is along the same idea of “no such thing as a stupid question”. If you can overcome the feeling of embarrassment or inadequacy, it will open up the channel to finding answers.

Once you cure that area of ignorance, embrace the next. There is always ways we can learn. Some might not be of interest to us, but never let not knowing something stand in the way of knowing it.

This is a big struggle of mine. I often feel so inadequate next to my highly knowledgeable husband. But, he is wonderful in that he will never let me use the “s” (stupid) word to describe myself. He pushes me to learn- and I am better for it.

A few weeks ago I asked my husband what the difference between “then” and “than” was. At 23, and after 3 years of blogging, I did not know. Now I do. And guess what, it was simple! I just had to swallow my pride and ask. Even admitting that here is hard for me- but I want to be real.

4. Ask questions

Books, friends, and google. Seek out answers. Then of course reference them. Knowledge will not just fall into our lap. “Learning” is a action verb.

5. Do not be afraid of working hard

Go run around your family room. Was it easy? For most of you it will be. Now go run a marathon. Was that easy? For must of us it would not be. Just because sometimes learning comes easily does not mean we should only try to learn and grow WHERE it is easy for us.

Also, even if something comes easily to someone you know does not mean it will come easily to you. My sister Laura is a lover of all things words. She used to laugh at long words as a baby, walk around spelling them as a toddler (i-d-i-o-s-y-n-c-r-a-s-y idiosyncrasy means a weird or peculiar habit), and can pick up on all things language easily. It took me 2 years of consistently writing to be able to formulate most sentences without tears of frustration. It does not come easily to me, and I am far from amazing. But, I enjoy it and am far improved from where I once was.

And, an announcement.

Above are five very important aspects of a learner. Now I want to share with you my favorite way to learn and tell you about an amazing deal coming up.


I bet my mom would not have thought that would be the case for me while I was sounding out “dddd—oooowwww—–nnnnn” for the hundredth time and my little sister yelled “Down! Debra! Down!” But, I love reading and learning from books. I will be honest, I love snuggling up with a hard book, but I am really warming up to e-books. I have read many over the last few years of being a blogger and am just beginning to see what amazing resources and knowledge is out there.

75 bloggers (including me!) have teamed come together to offer an entire e-book library (97 books!) related to all areas of homemaking- home and property, finances, homeschooling and educating children in general, cooking, time management, hosting, holidays, marriage, spiritual growth, motherhood, healthy and fitness. You get the idea. The best part is it is only $29.95- over a $610 saving.

I have been enjoying reading the books over the last few days (being a blogger has it’s perks- I got to review them you know!) and enjoying what I have learned so far. I am not a sales person by any means- but I can tell you what I love, right?

One book has already showed me more about me than I would care to know about myself and yet has given me hope in one of my biggest struggles. Another I wish I had a few years ago when I started cloth diapering. A third and fourth are making me feel again like I can do this whole thing called cooking which despite usually feeling like I have that area under control, I have struggled with it more than I can imagine in the last few months. 

There might even be one I am avoiding… because I know how much I need to read it. *cough* I will be talking more about those books leading up to, and during the days, of the sale.

Those are with just seeing a few of the 97 offered. And don’t worry, I will actually tell you what is in it! Make sure to come back on the 29th to see the full details. 

I for one can’t wait to read more!